Monday, July 28, 2014

July 20-26

 Watching Josh and the kids play Marco Polo after he and Marissa returned from another day of detasseling.
A little bit of before bedtime art going on.
Isabella and I went out to take some birthday pics . . .  many of which involved cats. ;o)
 August's new trick--chewing on his fingers.  At one point he managed to stick his whole fist in his mouth.  That didn't go so well for him.
 Happy birthday to Isabella!  We celebrated with both sets of grandparents at Grandpa and Grandma Cooley's house--taco bar and strawberries and cream cake.  As usual my cake was quite tasty but would not win any decorating awards (I seriously cannot decorate a cake to save my life!). But I try. ;o)
Lots of swimming happening over the weekend--and quite frankly, it was the only way to survive if you were going to be outside!
 I snuck a picture of Jackson admiring his baby brother. ;o)


Mom said...

Love all the photos...especially Jackson and August!

Anna said...

Great photos!!! And happy belated bday to your *gorgeous* daught... the swimming pics, the lovely cake, the detasseling...looks like a great summer! :)

Kathryn said...

Oh, your sweet, busy family---love these weekly updates.