Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy 11th Isabella Faith!!

Back a long, long time ago, those big blue eyes of yours sucked me in.
Such a little dolly baby you were!
And today, that brilliant sparkle is still catching my eye.
You are a quiet and gentle soul.
You have this precious patience with all little creatures, be they of the animal variety or the human variety.
Small things are drawn to you.
Not because you are loud and attention getting.
But because you are still and you wait. You meet little people and little animals at their level.
Thank you for all the help.
For cooking pasta and snuggling the baby and playing "Car Hospital" with the preschooler.
For making awesome stop-motion Lego movies to entertain the whole family.
You are precious to me.
Happiest 11th Isabella Faith!
I am praying you grow up to be a godly woman and use the talents He has blessed you with to serve Him all the better.  Lots of love my sweet girl.

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Kathryn said...

Such a beauty! Happy day to her!