Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 1-7

 Josh got back from the Arapahoe house clean up during the middle of the night. All in all we spent nearly three weeks apart in May and I am so glad THAT is over.  Isabella was set to get back from camp on this Sunday and then we would all be together again. Yippee!
 Baseball games are on Monday and Wednesday evenings and I admit to making it thus far to very few of them. Jackson adores baseball (he has been playing short stop).  Emmett enjoys it enough (we think partially because of the pop he has gotten at the end of the game . . .). ;o)
 Because sometimes you just want to crawl under a table and take a nap (at least, I do . . .).
 Hanging with Marissa.  
August and Rissy really bonded with Bella away at camp and it is so lovely to have extra hands to hold and comfort (August really likes to be held and comforted). ;o)
 The chickens.
New rules I have had to come up with:
Do not go into the coop in your socks.
Or with bare feet.
Or in your baseball cleats.
Or with your good sneakers.
Or maybe just don't go in the coop?
Do not spray the chickens with the hose.
Do not free the rooster from his solitary confinement.
Rooster fact you may not know:
The whole "cock-a-doodle-dooing at dawn thing"?? Totally untrue. It is an all day affair people.
But chickens are funny little things, and we are overall enjoying this new experience.
 Crazy boys on my garden shed, showing off while Josh roto-tills my dirt all pretty.
And more snuggling with Marissa. ;o)


Mom said...

Wow...thanks for all the photo updates of the 3 weeks!!! Love how the kids are adjusting to a new home. And, of course, love all the August pictures. So thankful you live closer!

Kathryn said...

August is looking bigger already and how wonderful that you have such a great big sister helper!!!

Natalie said...

You've been busy! I am so impressed that you've been keeping up on your photo a day. You will be so glad to have these days recorded. Baby looks sweet and it looks like he is getting plenty of sibling love. :)