Monday, May 12, 2014

May 4-10

 I have always and forever loved the discovery of a robin's nest and those beautiful blue eggs--my in-law's have one just kind of sitting out in the open on the top balcony.
 And baseball begins! Grandpa and I journeyed out to Shelby for the first practice.  Jackson and Emmett will get to play on the same team again this year. Jackson is crazy excited, Emmett is kind of excited. ;o)
 More lilacs in white pitchers--my mom-in-law has a beautiful variety of them and oh did they smell so wonderful!
 Even though technically the pool wasn't quite sparkling clean and it was a tad on the chilly side, Grandma took pity on the kids who have been staring longingly at the pool for the last week and let them swim. They were thrilled. ;o)
 We realized it might be time to get the boys up to speed on the Star Wars movies--step one, check out books from the library. ;o)
The girls sat in the drive way waiting for Daddy to arrive.  Nine days apart is a long time.  I'm so glad he's here and we continue to wait . . . hopefully soon!!


Kathryn said...

We subbed in Jackson's Sunday school and he mentioned swimming. Brrrr! I guess a 40ish year old's version of swimming weather is a little different from an 8ish year old's. :)

I love robin's nests, too! Those beautiful blue eggs just waiting to hatch--similar to your lil' belly. ;) Cannot wait to hear/see your newest little lovie!

Anna said...

Looks like a great week! *BEAUTIFUL* robin's nest...and how sweet that the girls are so anxious to see their dad.