Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 25-31

 Are you tired of baby pictures yet? (Because I have about a gazillion more!). ;o)
 Emmett and Emmett Jr.
That's who we think August looks the most like at this point (it makes Emmett excessively happy). ;o)
 My view from Grandpa and Grandma's back balcony.
 Making the move official.
Ummm, yeah. 
If you have been wondering how having a baby and moving 11 days later works, let me go on record to say it doesn't. ;o)  But we are surviving and some day we will look back and laugh and say "Wow were we ever crazy." (Right now, those feelings are a bit too raw . . .). *ahem*
No picture for the 29th because, well, because. ;o)
Another little August selfie. ;o)
Because tummy-time is more fun with a friend.

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Kathryn said...

NEVER TIRED OF BABY PICTURES! :) Hope your living room looks a bit more settled by now....but if not, that's okay too. ;)