Monday, May 5, 2014

April 27-May 3

 Lilacs in white pitchers--one of my favorite things!
 Snuggling boys (although I'm certain they would deny it, it sure looks a lot like snuggling to me). ;o)
 Moving fun.
Saying good-bye to Arapahoe--one last picture in the wheat field with the water tower in the background. We also took the kids around to their different favorite spots and snagged a few pictures to remember.
 Saying good-bye to the older three's violin/cello teacher in Kearney.
And then the kids and I were officially bound for Lincoln.
 Owen has kept busy finding new people to assist with their jobs since Daddy isn't with us yet.
Love this pic of him and Grandpa!
And life has gotten a bit quieter for me now that we've removed all the packing and we just wait for a new little life to join us.  My in-law's yard is a bursting with bloom and open windows let in the the scent of viburnum.  It is a good place to wait. 


Kathryn said...

The boys in action and Marissa reading away on the couch--that's a glimpse of real life! :)

Love that sweet picture with Gpa C and truly wish that lilac picture was scratch and sniff. Our neighbor has a lilac bush and I just go over and inhale deeply to enjoy. One of my favorite aspects of spring.

Mom said...

Love all the photos!! I like your new photo to head the that from around Linda's garden?

Anna said...

The lilacs in the white picture = GORGEOUS!! Love the heads popping up in the wheat field, the Owen & Grampa pic, and Jackson moving the goods. ;) Praying for you, friend! It's music to my ears hearing that things are "quiet" for you...I'm praying for your rest, and good timing with things. *sending hugs*