Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 30-April 5

 Big brother was quite fortunate to have "arrow fetchers" while practicing his archery into the back wheat field.
 Child labor.  
While I love to vacuum, mopping and I aren't exactly BFF. I finally landed on a way to keep the kitchen floor clean (I'm a slow learner sometimes).  Delegate!! ;o) Monday is Marissa's night to mop, Thursday is Isabella's.  Sometimes Owen feels the need to assist (and somehow he ended up with the mop?).
 Marissa came home from choir on Monday all excited to learn that her choir teacher had signed her up for a violin solo at the middle school music contest (which I am thinking must be like the district music competition that high schools do?).  I quickly texted her violin teacher requesting the accompaniment to the piece Marissa would play.  And so Tuesday I brought home a seven page accompaniment to learn in a week and a half's time.  The good news?  I have played it before.  The not-so-good news?  Marissa likes to play it about twice as fast as the last person I accompanied. After we listened to it on the cd, I was relieved to discover it wasn't quite as fast as she was going.  But she informed me her way was more exciting (if by exciting she means her poor pregnant mother passes out at the bench?).  Hopefully we reach an agreement soon. And may I go on record to say that Baroque is just really not my favorite? I'm much more a classical/romantic kind of girl. ;o)
 Awana awards night!  Our three year stint of traveling to the Holcomb E. Free Church officially has come to an end.  The kids were all thrilled to bring home their book awards, and oh is Owen just a cute little cubbie. ;o)
 Marissa enjoying an afternoon snow shower. 
 Practicing being a big brother!
This is the one "big purchase" I have made for the baby.  For the most part my generous friends have been loaning me or giving me baby items--a huge relief since we got rid of everything and I don't really want to re-purchase baby items for one baby to use.  I had seen somebody using this rocker/sleeper on facebook and thought it's small size and portability would be perfect while we stay at my in-laws as well as not take up too much space in our bedroom during those first weeks (or months . . .).  I got it set up and Owen tucked his piggy inside.
Because it is not every day that a helicopter flies over your house and lands at the track field across the street (no emergencies, just some sort of practice going on). 


Kathryn said...

Purchasing a real baby bed---things are getting more and more real. :)

Have fun practicing your Baroque!! That's always a "fun" challenge.

I love your idea for floor mopping. Isn't it great when delegating jobs actually is a help? I'm still kind of amazed at how much can get picked up and squared away when I put my little minions to work. :)

Anna said...

Love the wheat field pics! LOVE that Owen is practicing brothering his piggy, and I'm totally chuckling at the image of Mom-daughter music team. It will be beautiful! :)