Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 6-12

The kids and I drove into Lincoln on Sunday to set up camp at Josh's parents' home for the week.  The kids were thrilled to be able to catch Julius (he is truly for the poster cat  for all cats out there, and mostly just loves Grandma--and absolutely hates Josh!!).  As Grandpa/Grandma had been doing a lot of traveling over the last month we think he was just desperate enough to allow the kids to love on him. ;o)
 Popcorn and movie night--love the mesmerized look on Emmett's face.
 Headed down to my parents' for the afternoon, but first stopped at my brother Louie's house so we could meet his new pot-bellied pig, "Panda." She is a bit shy around people and doesn't really want to be petted but we were all entertained by the dog/pig chases as well as feeding her apples.  
 And seeing as we were still in Lincoln for the children's zoo to open we headed over on opening day.  I convinced the kids to all sit on the caterpillar . . . while my older children were sweet to comply, they were a bit embarrassed and I realized our "caterpillar picture days" are numbered. :o(  How did that happen?
 Pioneers Park to feed a few geese and ducks and walk around the nature center.
 Home again, home again.
Jackson made up for lost time reading Josh's "how to beat Zelda book" (a week away must have been too long!) That thing is so dog-eared--Josh laughs at how when he bought that guide he never saw the day when it would be the favorite reading material of his children.
Music competition day!
This is Marissa's vocal teacher in Arapahoe--we are so happy for the wonderful year Marissa has had being a part of the choir.  Her teacher has given her so many great opportunities and experiences.  Marissa came out of the day with a first place on her strings solo and a third place for her vocal solo.  We were happy and excited for her--she works so hard at all she does, and it is nice to see it pay off.  (and I did survive accompanying her, although if you see the video there is a part where Marissa kind of turns and eyeballs me while continuing to play her solo, wondering what on earth I was up to over at the piano . . . but all's well that ends well!!). ;o)

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Kathryn said...

LOL to your piano accompaniment story!!

Glad you could enjoy some nature and critters while in Lincoln last week. The pig cracks me up.