Monday, April 28, 2014

April 20-26

 A "Happy Easter" picture before heading to church.
 More cute little grape hyacinths.
 Found these little boys in the back wheat field with my scissors--snipping out any weeds they saw. ;o)
 Emmett and Galadriel--who we are quite certain is expecting her first litter (joy). Mama cat Sky vanished on us sometime in January.  She was such a pretty cat, but had well, gotten kind of "catty" on us (so Josh and I weren't overly concerned about losing her).  
 Pancakes for Bella.
I have been tinkering a bit with my recipes in hopes of making them dairy-free for Isabella (we are awaiting an official diagnosis from a colonoscopy/endoscopy on May 20th, but there is a good possibility she has Crohn's disease).  These were buttermilk pancakes, but I subbed out the buttermilk for the full fat canned coconut milk and the butter for coconut oil.  They turned out yummy!  We froze these so she now has a week's worth of pancakes while we living at Grandpa and Grandma's.
 A going-away party for us, hosted by Josh's assistant wrestling coach and his wife.
(assistant coach, two senior wrestlers, Josh)
Josh truly wishes he could take his assistant coach with him--they worked really well together these last three years.  We had a fun night of visiting with the friends we have made here in Arapahoe--entertainment was a backyard game of football played by a mixture of "old guys," high school students, and little boys. ;o)
Getting little "fix up" jobs done for the move--like a new door knob for the back door.  As always, Josh's little helper is right there, assisting. ;o)


Kathryn said...

Your crew looks so sweet on Easter--you should have stuck your belly in there since that little guy is about to hatch. :)

Unknown said...

Keep going, Momma! You're doing great!