Monday, April 21, 2014

April 13-19

 After trekking out to North Platte for church and the fellowship meal we got caught in an awful snowstorm on the way back (awful in terms of 3 jack-knifed semis, countless ditched cars, at times complete white-out conditions . . .).  Josh and I were quite relieved to make it back home safe and sound . . . and then we discovered our power was out and the house was 58 degrees.  At this point all I wanted was a nice hot cup of tea.  And because my hubby loves me so much he went out to the garage and got a blow torch and held a pot with some water over it for like 20 minutes.  We never did get a full boil, but it was good enough. ;o)
 When losing your own teeth is several years off yet you do the next best thing--tackle your brother and wiggle his tooth for him.
Owen wanted to do school today . . . I got amused at the furious writing, followed by the tucking of the pencil oh-so-carefully behind his ear. 
 How Marissa cooks . . .
 The grape hyacinths I literally through out on the ground a few springs ago (I had grown them inside, and just tossed them when I was done with them) re-emerged again.
Marissa's Girls of Grace "Farewell 6th Graders!" tea party was held in Grandma's dining room seeing as all the tea rooms in Lincoln had closed.  Grandma had the dining table set beautifully and I got to help the ladies prepare all the wonderful tea foods to serve.  I'm not sure they could have gotten a better authentic "tea experience" anywhere.  Hopefully it will be a special memory for all the girls.
Josh's birthday and an Omaha zoo trip for us.  Coincidentally, my brother Jared and his family were in Omaha visiting his wife's family for Easter and they were at the zoo as well, so got to meet up and spend the afternoon with them (and get a family picture too!). ;o)

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Kathryn said...

I think I know where the next tea shop will be opening in Lincoln! Looks wonderful!!

I absolutely *love* Marissa's multitasking in the kitchen.

If you can carry a baby for 9 months, Josh can hold a pan over a blow torch for 20 mins. ;) Very sweet of him.