Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 9-15

 Seeing as we would be back in Lincoln for IHCC's pinewood derby Josh asked who wanted to make a car, and of course everyone thought the idea sounded grand. Here they all are sanding their cars smooth.
 Since Owen's splashing puddle dried up he thought he would just make his own, this one more along the lines of a mud pit.  I may not have been so pleased to discover mud went flying everywhere (clumps on van, house, muddy hand prints on doors . . . not to mention the laundry).  Never-the-less, I pulled out the camera, because you know, this IS what life looks like now. ;o)
 Discovered a "medieval soccer game" (or so I was told) going on in the boys' room.  I'm thinking the team there on the right might have a slight advantage . . .
 Emmett came home from Awana on cloud nine because he had managed to lose his first tooth on the van ride home--pulled it out all by himself (just in time for that 7th birthday--our kids are late losers).

 Isabella's colorful fashion sense--she likes to try new things. ;o)
 Completed cars!
(Jackson's, Owen's, Bella's, Emmett's, Marissa's)
Happy birthday Emmett!
Emmett and I made a donut run to HyVee for breakfast, then had to do some car tweaking, spent all day at the derby, and that evening headed out to Papa Roy and Granny's for hot dogs/hamburgers and ice cream sundaes. A very busy day!!

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Anna said...

The cars are *SO* Isabella's style...and great "real-life" shot of the mud-fest (oh my!!)