Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 23-29

 A (choke-hold) hug from a freshly bathed Owen.
For the most part I have packed up the majority of items we have in the boys' room.  You kind of would never know that though . . . 
But the Legos will stay out, until the very end because it is THE VERY MOST FAVORITE THING and keeps them busy for HOURS ON END. 
 The living room . . . filling with boxes, randomly placed furniture, a chalkboard still sporting its Christmas design . . .  I kind of hate that nothing in life feels very organized right now--like there is no pleasant spot for my eyes to land.  Every room is slowly getting dismantled, and while I know this is part of the moving process, I admit, it is hard for a person who has suddenly flown into "nesting mode" to for the most part be "un-nesting."
 The temperature may have hit 70 degrees briefly this day, but it really didn't feel it, due to the crazy wind.  Never-the-less the boys thought it was SO HOT and decided to set up the slip and slide.  They quickly discovered their folly.  I think each took one (maybe two?) turns.  
 My little bed buddy while staying at Grandpa and Grandma's.  The kids and I made a quick trip back for my appointment, and seeing as I would have an entire king bed to myself I didn't see the point in pulling out the trundle for Owen.  He was happy to keep me company (such a snuggly little fellow he is . . . ).  
 Because my days aren't entirely filled with boy shenanigans--there is a lot of sweetness too. ;o) I am so thankful for my big girls who have been such good help as bending and lifting and things of that nature get tougher and tougher for me.
Off to prom! ;o)
Signs you are officially old:
1. You want to rush around to all the girls saying "Bless your heart!" and hand them a shawl.
2. You only recognize about three songs during an hour's worth of music.
3. You move away from the speakers because you fear for whatever hearing you have left.
4. Your date patrols the dance floor making sure there is "enough space" between dance partners.
5. You call it a night a 9:00 p.m.


Kathryn said...

That looks like one chilly slip and slide adventure!! It's nice that you had such a cute little bed buddy and I'm loving the prom picture and comments!

Mom said...

Love your Prom two still are very young!!! Your shawl idea is great. And wow, you have gotten a lot done with the packing...slow and steady!!! ;-)

Tiff said...

Everything is looking good, Janna! You are doing a great job with all of the moving preparations. Just know that it is all TEMPORARY! only a month or so left! Wait. Really? AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Anna said...

LOL on your prom list--hilarious! Yay for legos...and that's so great that you let them "try out" the slip n slide. ;)