Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy 7th To Emmett James!!!

Big news around these parts for the last two months or so has been your upcoming birthday.  There may have been a daily check on how many weeks (and eventually) days remained.  It is possible you asked daily to see what was on your Amazon wish list and brainstorm about other things could be added (all Lego kits of course).  I think I can accurately assume that this seventh birthday has been MUCH ANTICIPATED.  
And so my dear, sweet, quirky little Emmett boy I do so hope that your special day lives up to your expectations!  
At seven you are not so much into things of the scholarly nature (your mama is holding out hope that will change . . .).  BUT you do adore a good board game and I don't really think there are a whole lot of 7 year olds who play chess like you (I mean really, I don't even know HOW to play chess). You are always looking for someone to play a game with.  The unfortunate thing about being the youngest player is usually you lose (and you really, really passionately hate losing).  I know how frustrating that is right now, but I'm quite certain some day it will all pay off--those older siblings are only helping you sharpen your skills!
You love to laugh.  You love all things silly.  I think you might be a bit of a flirt. You were telling me the story this week of how you loved grossing out the little girl in Awana by showing her your very wiggly tooth and threatening to pull it out in front of her.  You thought it was hilarious.
I can just see you in high school . . .
You love Legos but are not so much of a direction follower--you are more of a free thinker.  I am always amazed at the creations you come up with all by yourself--I see symmetry, working parts . . .  you are good at that!!  You are excited to be a big brother again--you are a "belly rubber" and enjoy talking to my stomach.  Sometimes you like to come up and "jiggle" my stomach to try to wake the baby up.  I don't enjoy that so much. ;o)  You love your kitty cats and are constantly sneaking them in the house.  You like to draw pictures of crazy (mostly exploding) stuff and they delight you so much that you laugh to yourself the whole time you are creating and then can't even explain it to me because you are laughing too much! I can't imagine life without your infectious giggle.  Sometimes all Daddy and I can do is join in even if we don't know what we are laughing at.  You are just high on life and if makes us laugh to see you so happy.
I am thankful that God blessed us with you seven years ago--we love you to pieces!
May God work in your heart so that He is what brings you the most delight.
Happiest birthday my Emmers--may seven be absolutely grand!


Judi said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, Emmers!! Guess what Papa Roy and I got you for your birthday?

Kathryn said...

Happy happy to Emmett!!

Anna said...

I am *swooning* over these shots of your handsome boy--LOVE!! The BIG toothy smile, the funny face, the peeking around the bush. Beautiful shots, and beautiful words for your full-of-life 7 year old.

(And I need to be checking your blog more--the puddling jumping picture!!) Hugs to you, friend. Looks like a GREAT 7th birthday celebrated. ;)