Monday, March 3, 2014

February 23-March 1

 We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow--perhaps the most snowfall we had gotten all winter long!  It was perfectly fluffy and I got a kick out of kitty cat Sebastian dashing through it.
 It's never to early to introduce the littlest brother to "Risk."
 A little more snow on Tuesday caused a huge flurry of activity at the bird feeder (pretty much just finch visitors).
 Discovered Owen in the kitchen keeping himself busy washing dishes.  While a lot of water ends up on the floor this mama is not going to discourage any voluntary dishwashing (and particularly when I think back to how Jackson kept himself busy at the same age--drawing full scale wall murals in oil pastel!!). ;o)
 Needed a freckle fix. ;o)
A full and busy day back in Lincoln--appointment with midwife and glucose screening, errands, took the oldest three to the Lied to watch the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra perform and ended the day at my parents' home for supper.  While Josh and my dad were discussing moving blankets my dad recalled a good deal he had gotten on some and sent us home with 8 moving blankets.  The funny thing about this? My parents in all their 36 years of marriage have NEVER moved!  My dad likes a good deal. ;o)
While the older three kids got to take part in the dodge ball tournament at our Lincoln church I took the younger two thrifting--they have quite the eyes for helping me find all the pretty silver. ;o)  I was happy to take home three more platters and an adorable sugar/creamer set.  Owen helped me polish it all up pretty. 


Mom said...

Hahaha! And Lord willing, we don't plan on moving. But glad Dad was able to help with your move! So thankful you will be closer. Love all the photos!

Kathryn said...

*Thank you* for the freckle fix. I really wanted to sit and stare at her during the symphony, but I didn't think she'd appreciate that. ;)

I love the pic of the snow kitty!!

I'm fascinated by your smart children that choose to play Risk!!! The last time I played that game (probably 25 years ago) I felt incredibly inadequate in the "brain department" and I'm sure my odds at being good at that game haven't improved over the years. ha!

Anna said...

Love the action shot of the snow cat, the freckles, the dish washer (so great!) and the pretty silver...I'm praying for you, friend! *hugs*