Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 26-February 1

January 26th
There is *gasp* no picture from this day . . . I can give you a mental image of me and the kids driving to Lincoln down the interstate with a death grip on the steering wheel for fear the crazy wind would blow us off the road, but there is no ACTUAL image of that.  And it is okay.  I decided this year I would try to keep up with taking daily photos because I like the consistency it gives my "project life" albums, but if I miss here and there, it will be okay.  So, fair warning as the year progresses. ;o)
 The reason I was back in Lincoln was for an appointment with my midwife on Monday morning (and also, more importantly, I was supposed to get "snuck back" for an off the books ultrasound to determine what our baby was).  You can imagine my complete and utter devastation to learn the tech I needed to see wasn't there on Monday but TUESDAY.  My midwife came up with a new plan for me, promising to call me Tuesday morning for a time that would work to sneak me in.  In spite of all this drama there were some bright spots to this day--like finding some cheap silver platters at Goodwill so I can start a gallery wall collection and getting a lesson from my mother-in-law on how to polish silver (so cool!).  And my friend Kathy brought me over a consolatory chai as I mulled over the possibility the baby would remain a mystery until the very end.  ;o)
 My midwife called me around 9:30 and told me to come on over.  The ultrasound tech was able to locate what we needed to see immediately--most definitely a little boy! I wasted no time in securing a few appropriate onesies. ;o) While I admit to hoping we would even things out with a little girl (I mean, being realistic, all those growing up years when my sister and I were playing house I never quite envisioned a time in my life I would lay claim to FOUR little boys), LOGISTICALLY speaking this makes better sense--a girls room, a boys room, and a little boys room, two per room.  And really, I kind of would have felt bad for a little girl to not have a best friend sister like Marissa/Isabella are.  So, I'm over it. ;o)
 Spiffing up my men with some haircuts.  Poor Owen--apparently the clippers kind of get hot by the end of three hair cuts--he wasn't a fan of me trimming up his neck. ;o)
 The pretty filling to those Southwestern Eggrolls I was raving about back in December.  Jackson was so excited to see me making this he appointed himself "tortilla dispenser," handing me tortillas as fast as I could roll them up.  And then he pulled up a chair to the oven to watch them bake.   ;o)
It has been abysmally dry this winter, and while that has worked out well for all the driving to and from Lincoln we have had to do, it has been a huge disappointment to the kids.  We only ended up with around 3-4 inches, but at least it was something. ;o)
And my Owen--happily watching out the window for his daddy to come pick him up so he could attend the Arapahoe wrestling meet for awhile.  I love his little dimple.

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Anna said...

These are so cute! Love the silver pretties, and your adorable freshly barbershop'd boys...I'm having fun imagining another cute little blue-eyed blonde BOY. :) I'm glad that you got your answer and that the Lord blessed in letting you find out. ...and Jackon is really getting that BIG brother look!