Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 2-8

 Snowball fight with Daddy! 
 An afternoon game of Monopoly--Lord of the Rings version (of course!). ;o)
 Tuning into the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate--some of us were more into it than others . . . ;o)
 The snowplow finally deemed our street worth plowing.  The kids hoped for a big snow pile at the "dead end."  It was mildly sufficient in size.
 Catching up on what is happening around these parts (actually the kids always like to look at the paper because every now and then one of them appears somewhere--this week we found a little glimpse of Bella sitting next to the wrestling mat at the Arapahoe meet).
 My little early bird making some tea along with me while the rest of the house still slept.
And even a mildly sufficient pile of snow is worth getting the sleds out for--even if the ride only lasts 3.3 seconds. ;o)


Anna said...

Love the pics with Dad and all the snow love...and the early cup of tea. :) Looks like a good week--hope you guys are doing great!

Kathryn said...

A daddy throwing snow while wearing shorts---just like the daddy that runs around my place.

While admiring your little tea maker, I couldn't help but notice how pretty your mixer and blue bowls were in the background. :)