Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daybook (on a Tuesday)

God's Glory Outside my Window~
It is snowing!

Listening to~
A lot of David Garrett (he's that violinist with the world record for the fastest playing of "Flight of the Bumblebee").  I'm certain he is classically trained, but he does a lot of covers of popular songs, and lately Marissa has been doing her best to imitate him.  So, while I can't say we listen to Metallica here, lately I've heard A LOT of attempts at a violin cover of "Thunderstruck."  Last night around 9:00 I had to say "Please, no more practicing--just go to bed!"  (Those are words you never expect to come out of your mouth!!). ;o)

Giving Thanks~
That all of us are home!  School cancelled at 1:00 today for Josh and we opted out of the trip to Kearney--so we are staying cozy together while the snow blows outside.

In the Schoolroom~
We are plodding along with the normal stuff--not too much excitement happening (haven't decided if that is good or bad--it has just been a different kind of year for us).

From the Kitchen~
I had some homemade lemon curd leftover from a recipe last week and it required us to make some biscones today (so we would have something delightfully warm and flaky to smear it over). ;o)  It was an excellent snack for a cold and blustery day (with a cup of tea of course!).

Around the Home~
Awhile back I saw this sign at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be perfect for my laundry room.  It was on sale that week (and only one left at the Kearney store) but I decided to pass it up.  And then I kept kicking myself for not getting it.  But when I was in Lincoln last week I discovered they were on sale again and the Lincoln store had a few in stock, so I coughed up the $12 and got it.  I love it and it fits over my washer/dryer perfectly!
And what I did with my beginning silver collection since I don't have enough for a wall display yet.  Although, I must admit, I really like them there on the hutch with the white dishes--everything looks so happy together. ;o)
Creating by Hand~
A baby blanket in a lovely heather gray! This will take me awhile . . . 

On my Nightstand~
At the moment I can't say I'm reading anything "relaxing" but I am working my way through Uncovering the Logic of English by Denise Eide. She has a curriculum I am investigating (Logic of English), and I thought, before I invested any money in it I wanted to see what her book has to say.  It IS interesting (but not something you can read through quickly).

Today marks one month since we lost Dan.  Grief I think is this hidden wound you carry with you--sometimes you can go about your day and forget it is there and then suddenly something small and insignificant "bumps" it and you are a mess.  I don't know if it will always be this way or if time will make that better.

Plans for the Week~
Our week is mostly quiet thanks to no Kearney trip.  We'll see what happens with Josh for school tomorrow, but for today we are enjoying the reprieve from what would have been a day of teacher's conferences and wrestling practice for Josh.  He is practically giddy at the prospect of nothing to do this afternoon/evening.  He treated himself to a rather longish nap this afternoon. ;o)

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Anna said...

I get giddy over nothing to do too. :) I'm sorry for the sad milestone, and wishing I could comfort you in some way...will keep praying. ...I'm loving your silvery display, lovely blanket--and especially that *lovely* laundry sign--so cute! Hugs to you, friend. Thanks for sharing these sweet tidbits of your life.