Monday, February 24, 2014

February 16-22

 I love when I catch a stunning sunrise!
 The boys were playing "throw tennis balls over the roof"--pulled out the baseball gloves for this!  Look how green the wheat field behind the house is getting!
 Of course, most of the tennis balls ended up in the gutter.  Isabella volunteered to get up on the roof. Unfortunately, it would seem it is always a lot easier to get up than to get down.  In spite the encouragement of siblings I ended up having to drive the van over underneath the eave by the garage.  Still hesitant, Isabella lingered until her father came home telling her just to jump onto the roof of the van.  (And that would be reason #763 why I do not drive a very nice or new vehicle . . .). ;o)
 After coming into a bit of money the boys combined what they had for a new Lego kit.  I made the grave error of telling Jackson this Wednesday morning that the Legos would be delivered that day by UPS (we bought them on Amazon).  ALL DAY LONG he window watched and was absolutely beside himself with it taking so long.  They came at 4:00 pm.  It was the longest day of his (and possibly my . . .) life. ;o)
 The day it was actually snowing on one half of the yard but not the other!  It didn't last very long, but it was the weirdest weather!
 A picture is worth a thousand words . . . 
(a whole blog post on this when I get around to it--such a tease I know!!) ;o)
Marissa got to participate in "Sing Around Nebraska" this year and just loved it.  I was quite impressed by these 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students from surrounding schools--they did such a good job!  Getting to be a part of a choir this year has been wonderful for her and given her so many fun opportunities.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 9-15

 The boys showing me their figure skating moves while getting into the Olympics.  The kids' ears all perked up when the little Russian skater skated to the theme from "Schindler's List."  Marissa has been working on that and I LOVE when even my littlest people can recognize something classical--at least I know I have imparted a wee bit of culture into them. ;o)
 DAILY snow gear piles by my front door.  I decided I will not feel bad about my lack of exercise this pregnancy because helping five children in and out of snow gear should probably be an Olympic event in and of itself!
 Sun going down on a snowy world.
 Josh came home at lunch and told the kids it was the perfect day for snowmen and they got right on it, attempting to create our whole family in snow form.  They didn't finish on this day, and by the next so much snow was gone that they couldn't accomplish their original goal.  It melted so fast!  The snowmen had vanished by Saturday!
 Emmett and Oscar.  
 Josh had wrestling districts Friday and Saturday so he missed all our Valentine's activities, but we made cookies, and had a pizza party for supper and a movie night.  The highlight for the kid was the 9 layer jello jigglers . . . apparently I've never made those before?  It sparked much conversation on how it could be swallowed without being chewed and how brilliant it would be to have a city made of jello in an earthquake prone area . . .
And yay visitors!  My mom and dad usually try to come out during state wrestling because they know it is a long weekend for me, however, since they wouldn't be able to make it next weekend, they came during district wrestling instead. ;o) We enjoyed getting to visit with them and had nice weather for a walk down the gravel (during which I discovered that in spite of my snow gear sessions I am woefully out of shape . . .).  But it looks there should be a good deal of nice weather in our future--perhaps I will make an effort to make a few circles around the track each day (s.l.o.w.l.y.).  I realize 34 years of age isn't exactly an old and decrepit age to have a baby, but it is when you have already done it five times.  I FEEL quite old and decrepit. ;o)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 2-8

 Snowball fight with Daddy! 
 An afternoon game of Monopoly--Lord of the Rings version (of course!). ;o)
 Tuning into the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate--some of us were more into it than others . . . ;o)
 The snowplow finally deemed our street worth plowing.  The kids hoped for a big snow pile at the "dead end."  It was mildly sufficient in size.
 Catching up on what is happening around these parts (actually the kids always like to look at the paper because every now and then one of them appears somewhere--this week we found a little glimpse of Bella sitting next to the wrestling mat at the Arapahoe meet).
 My little early bird making some tea along with me while the rest of the house still slept.
And even a mildly sufficient pile of snow is worth getting the sleds out for--even if the ride only lasts 3.3 seconds. ;o)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daybook (on a Tuesday)

God's Glory Outside my Window~
It is snowing!

Listening to~
A lot of David Garrett (he's that violinist with the world record for the fastest playing of "Flight of the Bumblebee").  I'm certain he is classically trained, but he does a lot of covers of popular songs, and lately Marissa has been doing her best to imitate him.  So, while I can't say we listen to Metallica here, lately I've heard A LOT of attempts at a violin cover of "Thunderstruck."  Last night around 9:00 I had to say "Please, no more practicing--just go to bed!"  (Those are words you never expect to come out of your mouth!!). ;o)

Giving Thanks~
That all of us are home!  School cancelled at 1:00 today for Josh and we opted out of the trip to Kearney--so we are staying cozy together while the snow blows outside.

In the Schoolroom~
We are plodding along with the normal stuff--not too much excitement happening (haven't decided if that is good or bad--it has just been a different kind of year for us).

From the Kitchen~
I had some homemade lemon curd leftover from a recipe last week and it required us to make some biscones today (so we would have something delightfully warm and flaky to smear it over). ;o)  It was an excellent snack for a cold and blustery day (with a cup of tea of course!).

Around the Home~
Awhile back I saw this sign at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be perfect for my laundry room.  It was on sale that week (and only one left at the Kearney store) but I decided to pass it up.  And then I kept kicking myself for not getting it.  But when I was in Lincoln last week I discovered they were on sale again and the Lincoln store had a few in stock, so I coughed up the $12 and got it.  I love it and it fits over my washer/dryer perfectly!
And what I did with my beginning silver collection since I don't have enough for a wall display yet.  Although, I must admit, I really like them there on the hutch with the white dishes--everything looks so happy together. ;o)
Creating by Hand~
A baby blanket in a lovely heather gray! This will take me awhile . . . 

On my Nightstand~
At the moment I can't say I'm reading anything "relaxing" but I am working my way through Uncovering the Logic of English by Denise Eide. She has a curriculum I am investigating (Logic of English), and I thought, before I invested any money in it I wanted to see what her book has to say.  It IS interesting (but not something you can read through quickly).

Today marks one month since we lost Dan.  Grief I think is this hidden wound you carry with you--sometimes you can go about your day and forget it is there and then suddenly something small and insignificant "bumps" it and you are a mess.  I don't know if it will always be this way or if time will make that better.

Plans for the Week~
Our week is mostly quiet thanks to no Kearney trip.  We'll see what happens with Josh for school tomorrow, but for today we are enjoying the reprieve from what would have been a day of teacher's conferences and wrestling practice for Josh.  He is practically giddy at the prospect of nothing to do this afternoon/evening.  He treated himself to a rather longish nap this afternoon. ;o)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 26-February 1

January 26th
There is *gasp* no picture from this day . . . I can give you a mental image of me and the kids driving to Lincoln down the interstate with a death grip on the steering wheel for fear the crazy wind would blow us off the road, but there is no ACTUAL image of that.  And it is okay.  I decided this year I would try to keep up with taking daily photos because I like the consistency it gives my "project life" albums, but if I miss here and there, it will be okay.  So, fair warning as the year progresses. ;o)
 The reason I was back in Lincoln was for an appointment with my midwife on Monday morning (and also, more importantly, I was supposed to get "snuck back" for an off the books ultrasound to determine what our baby was).  You can imagine my complete and utter devastation to learn the tech I needed to see wasn't there on Monday but TUESDAY.  My midwife came up with a new plan for me, promising to call me Tuesday morning for a time that would work to sneak me in.  In spite of all this drama there were some bright spots to this day--like finding some cheap silver platters at Goodwill so I can start a gallery wall collection and getting a lesson from my mother-in-law on how to polish silver (so cool!).  And my friend Kathy brought me over a consolatory chai as I mulled over the possibility the baby would remain a mystery until the very end.  ;o)
 My midwife called me around 9:30 and told me to come on over.  The ultrasound tech was able to locate what we needed to see immediately--most definitely a little boy! I wasted no time in securing a few appropriate onesies. ;o) While I admit to hoping we would even things out with a little girl (I mean, being realistic, all those growing up years when my sister and I were playing house I never quite envisioned a time in my life I would lay claim to FOUR little boys), LOGISTICALLY speaking this makes better sense--a girls room, a boys room, and a little boys room, two per room.  And really, I kind of would have felt bad for a little girl to not have a best friend sister like Marissa/Isabella are.  So, I'm over it. ;o)
 Spiffing up my men with some haircuts.  Poor Owen--apparently the clippers kind of get hot by the end of three hair cuts--he wasn't a fan of me trimming up his neck. ;o)
 The pretty filling to those Southwestern Eggrolls I was raving about back in December.  Jackson was so excited to see me making this he appointed himself "tortilla dispenser," handing me tortillas as fast as I could roll them up.  And then he pulled up a chair to the oven to watch them bake.   ;o)
It has been abysmally dry this winter, and while that has worked out well for all the driving to and from Lincoln we have had to do, it has been a huge disappointment to the kids.  We only ended up with around 3-4 inches, but at least it was something. ;o)
And my Owen--happily watching out the window for his daddy to come pick him up so he could attend the Arapahoe wrestling meet for awhile.  I love his little dimple.