Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Daybook~1/20

God's Glory Outside my Window~
Another sunny January day in the 50's.  Yesterday we hit 68 degrees!  How lovely to be outside and really enjoy it. ;o)

Listening to~
Owen daily sings through a little Christmas medley he came up with and one of the lines I hear often is, "Deck the Halls with Hobby Lobby."  There is a lot of truth in that phrase . . . ;o)

Giving Thanks~
Jackson has really upped his game in the schoolwork department--working ahead, desiring to do extra work to finish something early . . . I have been so surprised and pleased to see such a good work ethic.  I have spent a lot of time praying for that boy!

In the Schoolroom~
Last week's start up wasn't nearly as painful as I had thought. ;o) All the kids are somewhere in the early 1800's as far as history goes, we will be discussing Daniel Boone, the Louisiana Purchase, and stuff like that this week. Science has us learning about all the different kinds of energy out there.  I'm also researching some new stuff for Emmett who has just been really struggling in the reading department lately.  While the other three learned with basically the same methods it just doesn't seem to be working with Emmett, and that sends me back to the drawing board.

From the Kitchen~
An old, comforting favorite "Swiss Chicken" is slated for tonight, along with mashed potatoes, and whatever frozen vegetable I can locate in the freezer. Josh will be able to join us for supper tonight as all his wrestlers are gone for some sort of choir thing.

Around the Home~
I have been on a decluttering spree, and nothing makes me feel quite so happy as hauling out bags of junk. It is so freeing! ;o)  I blame it on an early nesting onset combined with always the possibility of Josh landing a new job this spring that would necessitate a move.  I'll take advantage of whatever energy I have now and put it to use (although I must confess to slowing down a lot this month and needing to always be in my (supportive) running shoes . . . I think being five months pregnant sixth time around is probably comparable to being seven or eight months pregnant first time around . . . but I'm not exactly sure how one figures the math in all that). ;o)

Creating by Hand~
I still have that scarf to get to.  I've also been researching a few patterns for some tops to sew for myself that will be great in those first few weeks/months postpartum.  I'm not really enthused about having a baby and then heading into summer with all that glaring white and untoned skin.  There is definitely something to be said for fall/winter babies and sweaters, tunics, and leggings . . . just saying.

On my Nightstand~
I'm just about done with The Shoemaker's Wife (which has been pretty good and made me cry) and then I shall dive into My Family for the War by Anne C. Voorhoeve, a YA book that deals with WWII.  I brought three books back from the Lincoln library, and since I will be back in town come Sunday I'm hoping to be able to return them all. ;o)

How good routines and busyness are for me when dealing with hard stuff . . . and how streaming church yesterday from IHCC and listening to all the worship music, or a kind word from a friend (or even stranger) takes me back to square one, reminding me my heart is just this raw, pulpy mess.

Plans for the Week~
Mostly just a normal week for us.  Josh has a meet on Friday but has the weekend home (except for the fact there is a wrestling fundraiser for the basketball game on Saturday that I need to make two lasagnas and two desserts for).  The kids and I will be driving into Lincoln Sunday afternoon for an appointment with my midwife on Monday morning (and hopefully a final squaring away of what gender this baby is!!).

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Anna said...

I'm loving these tidbits of your life...and Owen's Hobby Lobby song is awesome. :) Praying for things for you & your sweet fam...and hoping your bashful babe will be less shy this time around! ;)