Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Daybook

God’s glory outside my window~
Sunshine, mid 50's . . . for January weather you will hear no complaints from me.  I'm so thankful that the kids can get outside for fresh air.

Listening to~
"In Christ ALONE my HOPE is FOUND, HE is my LIGHT, my STRENGTH, my SONG."

Giving Thanks~
For life, for family, for how the body of Christ loves, encourages, and props you up when you need it.

In the Schoolroom~
It was the first day of our 2nd semester today.  I'm still awaiting the arrival of some math books and I'm switching the girls back to "Easy Grammar."  We tried too many new things this year and sadly, not that there was anything wrong with the new stuff, but we found them to not be a good fit for us, or just not what we were looking for.  The most disappointing was the history curriculum which just did not give us the depth we desired for the girls.  And so, we've been "winging it."  We spent a lot of time on the Revolutionary War and now we are going to move onto "Westward Expansion" and all that entails.

From the Kitchen~
Hopefully, there will be a lasagna tonight (just need to get to the town grocery and pick up some items). There has been no time for a big grocery trip and we have been limping along in the menu department, scavenging the deep freeze and trying to fill in the extras with stuff bought in town (which is for the most part more expensive and I try to keep that at a minimum!).  Thankfully, tomorrow is Kearney day.

Around the Home~
Finally (!!) got the soggy oozy pumpkins off my front step.  Now, in my defense, MOST of them got thrown away right around Thanksgiving.  A few (4 or 5 maybe?) were still in good shape, so I let them linger (obviously a bit too long). ;o)

Creating by Hand~
I am finishing up knitting an infinity scarf--just need to watch something on youtube about how to cast off again . . . ;o) Hopefully it will be on my neck by the end of the week!

On my Nightstand~
This weekend I read The Spark by Kristine Barnett about a mom and her amazingly genius autistic son (and every time I set it down Marissa would snatch it up--at one time I told her she needed to go read something else so I could have my book back . . .).  And now I've started The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani.  I've never read anything before her before, but I keep coming across this book title and hearing how wonderful the story is, so we shall see.

Love--loving harder, loving better, just loving others more.  I didn't vocally pick myself a "word of the year" but that is the concept I keep coming back to.  And as I keep reminding myself what love is--patient, kind-- already I find myself tripped up a bit.  So, yes, this year--toward loving better.

Plans for the Week~
"Kearney Day" on Tuesday which will begin pretty early so that Jackson and Owen can each get a cavity filled.  Maybe more basement organizing?  Josh has back-to-back wrestling meets on Friday and Saturday. Oh, and the second installment of "The Hobbit" will hit our theater.  I probably won't attend, but it is high on the priority list of everyone else in the house.

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Anna said...

Oh, I love hearing these fun details of what's on your mind. I always admire the way you run your home and consider you one of those "rockstar" moms. ;) I find "love" a most worthy word to dwell on...and may you have a happy errand day! We just got done with a big haul this morning. Yay for full cupboards. ;) Hugs to you, friend.