Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 5-11

Owen and I made homemade Runzas.  It has honestly been around 10 years since I made Runzas, and I'm not quite sure why because they are so good!  They are quite a process, but always worth the effort.
 On Friday night (the 4th) I took the kids to see Frozen because I thought we would be leaving for Lincoln the next day.  It ended up we remained in Arapahoe for the weekend and then Josh took them to see it AGAIN Monday night. Total cost for 10 movie tickets? $12 (Owen is free until he is of school age) That movie theater has definitely been a perk and kind of offsets the fact that the closest Hobby Lobby and Target are an hour a way. We all loved the movie.  Marissa's favorite part was the end--that it was the love between the sisters that broke the spell.  Awww. ;o)
 My view of Marissa most days.  
I have been feeling a bit guilty about the lack of brain stimulation going on here lately, and while I know some little people around here will definitely benefit from us getting back into a routine again, Marissa has found others ways to keep herself busy--writing her novel.
 Packing again to head back for the funeral.  
The whole Cooley family on a very sad day.
 Josh's parents--all of us--we were so blessed by so many people in the food area.  A family friend showed up with Val's pizzas on Friday.  Valentino's puts one pepperoni on top so you know it's pepperoni.  Josh declared that piece Dan's piece--Dan always loved his pepperonis OVER the cheese, not underneath it.  And I can't tell you how badly I wished for him to walk through that back door and have some pizza with us.
And home again. 
Josh had a wrestling meet all day Saturday and I unpacked and did laundry and tried to find our way again.  The kids needed to detox from an over abundance of screen time.  There was a lot of Lego playing going on.  And a lot of squabbles.  We got outside for some fresh air and in the evening pulled out some paints.  My calendar arrived in the mail while we were gone and as I hung it up I was kind of shocked to realize we are nearing the middle of January already. It feels like we entered some foggy world before Christmas and now we are slowly emerging from it. 


Kathryn said...

Your runzas look delish and even have the "real Runza" shape. I make them often but mine often end up in more of a gigantic bun shape. :P Please share your shaping techinque. :)

Sniff-Sniff at the pic of the family at the funeral and of Dan's pizza. There's just always that spot that can only be filled by that special person. Hugs!

Anna said...

Sweet pictures, Janna--I so wish I could have been there and seen you to give you a hug...we've sure been thinking of you guys and praying. Hope it's a smooth/restful/routinized week for you & your bunch!

Kris said...

What a tender and sweet thought on that slice of pizza. I remember Dan's big grin more than anything else from our IHCC youth group days. Continuing to pray for all of you and healing as you remember.

We are making Runzas this week...oh how I miss that Nebraska treat. ♥