Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 19-25

We spent a good long time at the park on this afternoon--temps hit 68 degrees!  Typically, with Josh's wrestling schedule January is always such a long month for us.  However, I have no complaints--we have been amazingly healthy and able to get outside nearly every day for fresh air and sunshine.
Strange how often I find "outside cats" INSIDE (and they're all outside now!). ;o)  The kids thought it adorable that the big brothers were all snuggled up together.
 After a long day in Kearney we throw our stuff all over the place and curl up with our latest library finds. ;o)
 Isabella spent a good half a day designing a poster to advertise for her daddy's wrestling fundraiser.
 You are never too old to play with blocks. 
 Marissa also contributes to fundraising posters.  I'm glad to see all the Garfield reading is paying off. ;o)
Owen demonstrating how fast he is on his bike. Super speedy!


Kathryn said...

Great creations--from blocks to posters. Thanks for the "reality" snap of your Tuesday living room. Mine looks like that practically every day. :{

Anna said...

*LOVE* the block creature, and the colorful posters....and there's something that makes me happy seeing a boy riding his bike. Yay for warm weather! :)