Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 12-18

 My new bed--a late Christmas/early Valentine's Day gift??
The long story, I have been wanting an iron bed for a few years and after browsing (mostly online) I decided my most favorite was the Pottery Barn Coleman Bed, which for our budget is a tad pricey (once you figure in the tax and shipping), so I assumed some day we would save for that and I really wasn't in a huge rush.  I happened to mention this to Josh and he said "Well surely there is something like it cheaper!" And I said, well no, I've looked all over and have never come across anything.  So, Josh does a search and lands on where there is virtually the same exact bed, that in the end was 2/3 less than the PB price. And surprise! He got it for me and built it on Sunday.  While it is a bit lower than our old bed (I do miss what I could fit under the old one) it is really sturdy and seems good quality (and easier to get me and my ever-growing belly in and out!).  Slowly my little 10 1/2 by 11 1/2 ft "master bedroom" has become a bit more welcoming. Last summer I painted it while Josh was detasseling and rearranged a bit to make it seem more like a bedroom than just a place we head to sleep.  In the corner is the secretary I painted last winter.  Confession--still not finished . . . I need to hit the cubby organizer with perhaps another coat of primer and then paint again (it was a bear to try to paint those nooks and crannies).  But it photographs all pretty. ;o)  I still need to get a bed skirt and the matching shams to my comforter (Xmas gift from my parents).  I hope to eventually collect some French provincial furniture to finish it out (I do have one long dresser awaiting a paint job in my basement--however if this baby were to end up a girl we might just use that for a baby dresser/changing area).
 Rewatching The Hobbit (#1) in anticipation of seeing the 2nd one in the theater. All six of my lovies on the couch. ;o)
Night two of watching The Hobbit--technically this is not really an "Owen movie" but as you can see, Josh navigates through the more scary parts like the expert parent that he is. ;o) And Owen sits there quite patiently until he is allowed to watch again.
Finding our school rhythm again this week.
 A visit to the library after a good month break landed us a plethora of Garfield books again.
 New towels!!!
Back in November, prior to Thanksgiving when all the Kohls Black Friday sales hit online I ordered some new bath towels for the house.  Fourteen bath towels, and 4 hand towels to be exact, in the shade of "pearl" which online looked like a lovely light "pearl gray."  They arrived in a timely fashion a week later and I opened the big box to discover that when they said "pearl" they actually meant "pearl"--an off-white color. I debated what to do with the off-white towels but decided in the end they would look rather dingy in no-time-flat, and so three weeks later when we headed back to Lincoln for Christmas I packed my big box of towels to exchange.  And I carried that huge box of towels through the whole store (having to stop once or twice to catch my breath . . .) only to find they had no color that I wanted in store to exchange them for.  And I then carted them back to my in-laws' home perplexed. And then Josh and I went in together (he carried them this time) and we happened to find the same towel, for the same price, in "gray" on the little Kohls kiosks they have in the store, so we ordered the same amount and finally ditched the off-white ones.  And then we waited, and waited . . . and with giddy anticipation I saw that Fedex had gotten them as far as North Platte, so I KNEW I would have them the next day, and then they disappeared completely.  After calling around we learned they were in Des Moines, Iowa. And then FINALLY at long last I have my new towels and I can officially retire the shredding ones.   It was with complete and utter joy I quickly did two loads of towels and folded them all pretty like. Simple pleasures friends. ;o)
Saturday afternoons (particularly in the winter when Josh is gone for wrestling meets) I allow the kids some "Wii time."  Unfortunately, for whatever reason the Wii wouldn't work for them (and I have refused to learn how to work that thing so I am absolutely no help . . .). ;o)  Not wanting to lose their only time allowed for video games Isabella got out her DS and her brothers all huddled around to watch her play.  While I would much rather prefer pictures of them doing something a bit more productive, I did think it sweet to see them all snuggled together like that.  And I was still able to sneak through their rooms with garbage sacks and declutter my little heart out with no one the wiser. . . (insert evil mommy laugh). ;o)


Kathryn said...

Your bed is *lovely!* I can tell that Josh finds joy in giving you those special things that you mention.

Love the stack of new towels and the Hobbit-watching crew all scrunched on the couch together. Very cute!

Anna said...

Eee hee hee hee hee!! (That's my hearty approval evil-mommy-friend laugh in excitement of the purge.) LOL at your long lost towels (but I do love the Kohl's kiosk!) And your bedroom is *SO* pretty!! If you really want to raise up your bed, you can find similar bed risers or "lifts" such as these

...I know storage is important. Happy National Organization Month! ;)