Monday, December 2, 2013

November 24-30

 The makings for some homemade cranberry sauce--loved the contrast of color and texture at the beginning.
 Butterhorn Rolls!  The beginning of a two day process that resulted in 16 dozen rolls--and every single one was eaten (I'm quite certain my kids had more than their fair share).
 The 2nd time I've ever made a turkey--truly a feat I approached with much trepidation.  Since Josh and I both have mothers who usually provide this part of the meal the opportunity has rarely presented itself.  However, Josh wanted me to fix a Thanksgiving meal for some of his students with rough family situations.  Sadly, in the end not a single one showed up, but the turkey?  It was GOOD!!  I rubbed it all over and under the skin with herb/garlic flavored butter (I think inspired by Paula Deen?).  I'll definitely do it that way again (should the opportunity ever present itself . . .). ;o)
 Arrived at Grandpa/Grandma's house--took the fast way down the stairs.  My tail bone aches just looking at this picture.
 Grandpa enjoying some snuggles from his first great-granddaughter, Miss Ieleigh.
 Thanksgiving meal/celebrate my mom's 60th birthday/annual hay rack ride at my brother Louie's house.
So many pictures, but I settled on the one with Emmett loving Louie's dog Griffin.  Emmett loves his doggies--I'm thankful for family members with doggies so he can get his fix.
Isabella showing off her battle wound from the previous day.  The kids were exploring the old barn on Louie's place and Isabella's foot managed to find a board with a rusty nail--went clear through her shoe!
She was quite petrified she would have lockjaw by the day's end, but we confirmed her shots were current, so I think that crisis has been averted.


Kathryn said...

Your turkey (and rolls) look amazing--sorry no one showed up to enjoy, but sounds like you all appreciated it and I'm sure some leftovers were enjoyed too. What a great effort of love on your part to please Josh in this way.

Anna said...

Beautiful food pictures...and so glad the foot's okay! That step picture makes my tailbone hurt too. ;) Hope your bunch is having a great week!