Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 8-14

 Activity for the day:  Watching the dvd of "The Nativity Story."
Seeing as a picture of my kids watching tv isn't exactly all that exciting I thought I would share an out-take of our "yay it snowed let's take a different Christmas card picture!"  So, if my Christmas letter is arriving a bit behind schedule this year, now you know why. ;o)  We were all super excited to wake up to a few inches of *official* snow. 
 Activity for the day:  Create a sparkly star banner
Our bathroom is getting quite the festive makeover this year with a strand of icicle lights swagging across the ceiling and glittery stars mixed in.  It is fun and whimsical and makes bath time a happy occasion.
 Activity for the day: Lay in supplies for Christmas baking?
I'm not sure that counts as an *official activity*, but I promised myself this month I wasn't going to force something to happen if I couldn't pull it off with my sanity intact.  Kearney days are just exhausting for me, not to mention every store is just crazy this month--even in the middle of the day!  Most likely because there is ONE Wal-mart, ONE Target . . . So our day was packed with ACTIVITY, just not a specific one. ;o)
 Activity for the day: Sparkle Jar Lanterns--involving Elmer's Glue, double-sided tape, "diamond" jewels, and lots of glitter.  And yep, still finding glitter everywhere.
 Activity for the day: Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees (with improvised tree stands)
 Activity for the day: Watercolor Painting--choice between a nutcracker or a wintry cardinal.
Emmett surprised me coming up with his own birdy design, and the nutcrackers were super fun (even though I had to draw Owen's and Jackson's).  We found a great little nutcracker tutorial that helped us out. ;o)
Activity for the day: Gingerbread Houses!
Always a grand time. ;o)


Kathryn said...

You're doing it again---creating magical memories for those kiddos! LOVE it! I esp. like the pipe cleaner trees and the nutcrackers and looks like some yummy treats are ahead judging from your stockpile of baking supplies.

Mom said...

Fun fun!!! I love all the activities you do with the kids.

Anna said...

Oh my goodness, all this pretty Christmas art--and the crafts--LOVE! :) The "celebrating snow" picture is so festive and fun...and I love that your bathroom is sparkled up for Christmas. :)