Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 22-28

Our Christmas week this year was so much different than we had anticipated as Josh's brother Dan fought for his life in the critical care unit at St. Elizabeth.  But I have to say, at least for me, Christmas was not ruined, just different, and perhaps even more meaningful and worshipful than it has ever been.  As we watched and waited and hoped and prayed, KNOWING there was nothing we could possibly do to help Dan--only God--it reminded me of our fallen sinful state, our hopeless condition before God.  That He loved us enough to make a way.  And THAT is what Christmas is all about. It's been two weeks since Dan first entered the hospital.  There is a heavy weight of sorrow that hangs on all of us.  Thank you to those who know and have been praying for our whole family.  We have been humbled and blessed by the love shown to us by so many.
 We kicked off our week with Owen's birthday and a small little family Christmas at home.  It was simple and quite frankly, inexpensive, but Josh and I were so pleased with how happy the kids were.  They bought each other gifts at the Awana awards store, there were some books, and Owen's birthday present of Lincoln Logs, and they were content.  The picture says it all.  After lunch we made the drive in to Lincoln and Josh and I got to visit Dan in the hospital for the first time.
 A sleepy little four year old worn out after waving his special glow wand all over Grandpa and Grandma's house.
 A Christmas Eve picture before church (some of us looking more photogenic than others . . .).
The Christmas Eve service was hard attending with such raw hearts.  It felt like every song was just meant for our family, but like I said before, so worshipful. I am so thankful for a Savior who is sovereign.
 Over the course of the week there were 20 people staying at my in-laws' home--lots of cousins, and lots of chess games.
 Josh and the kids (and a few cousins) joined in for our annual "watch the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies marathon."
 Friday morning I had my 20 week ultrasound.  I have lots of pictures of a beautiful healthy baby, and one picture of what is possibly a "male part" but the tech just couldn't be sure because of the baby's position and how the cord was all bundled up in that area.  We shall not comment on my frustration. ;o) I have never NOT been able to find out with 100% certainty before and this is driving me crazy.  I kind of begged my midwife for another go-round and she took pity upon me and will try to sneak me in with a different tech next time (the tech who has done every other one of my ultrasounds).  So, January 27th--you all be praying for that day okay? This mama can't stand anymore surprises at this point!! ;o)
We spent the day with my family--GORGEOUS December weather and a much needed break from everything going on in Lincoln.  My dad planned a hay rack ride and the kids got to go play out on frozen streams and ponds.  That picture is (L to R) my sis-in-law Becky, my sister Lynsi, me, and my mom (who apparently missed the black coat memo).  My brother Jared and his wife Lanay weren't able to make it, but we saw them earlier in the week for a lunch at Val's.  


Anna said...

Oh--you are so cute displaying your sweet babe's pictures! I was thinking of your appt, and wondering if you had found out. Keep us updated with that...and thanks for a beautiful testimony to God's grace in the midst of such a terrible trial. I think that's the real proof of a believer in Christ--the ability to view things from God's perspective--acceptance of His sovereign will when it's nothing we would ever choose. Your life is a beautiful picture of that...and we'll continue to pray for your sweet family, and the shining lights you are to everyone around during this time. Love you, friend.

Mom said...

Wonderful, tender, special post, Janna. Thankful for God's sovereignty.

(Guess that's what is called an "old lady" jacket! Thus, the reason why mine is not like the other 3.) ;-)

Kathryn said...

I *love* the picture of you with your sisters and mom.

So thankful your ultrasound revealed a healthy little person who just wants to keep you guessing....a glimpse to his/her personality maybe? ;)

Still praying for you all!! Love what Anna had to say about it all and I echo her!

Kari M. said...

Such a sweet time for family and cousins! We continue to pray for you all. On a lighter note....I love Josh's green head dress in the Christmas Eve pic.....sorry! Couldn't help it! (-: