Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 15-21

 Activity for the day: watch the IHCC Christmas Concert on tv (streamed through computer) 
We had eggnog and popcorn and made a night of it.  And by the end, I confess, I was in tears--seeing all my choir and orchestra friends, seeing the timpani sit empty . . . Or maybe I can blame all that on pregnancy hormones?  ;o) Josh reminded me I have three times a year that are hard--when the school year ends and I realize I am facing another year here, when the school year begins and all activities I want to be a part of in Lincoln start back up, and at Christmas.  And that about sums it up.
 Activity for the day: cut snowflakes from coffee filters (and later we made some peanut butter snowballs for a snack).
 Activity for the day:  join with all the other violin students to play Christmas music at two nursing homes in Kearney.  Jackson was able to provide the bass line of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" at the end of both performances.  He is so cute with his cello. ;o)
Activity for the day: We made fudge.  The end. ;o)
 Activity for the day: Peppermint Day--we started out with peppermint play-dough and for snack had candy cane milkshakes.  We had hopes of trying our hands at homemade peppermint marshmallows but it didn't happen.
 Activity for the day: have a little family birthday party for Owen. 
Originally we were going to do this on his actual birthday (Sunday, the 22nd) but we are dealing with some schedule rearrangement and are heading to Lincoln earlier than we anticipated.  I didn't want Owen's birthday to get forgotten in all the hustle and bustle.  We made homemade pizza and gooey chocolate cupcakes and he is feeling quite proud of the four fingers he gets to hold up. ;o)
Activity for the day: The grand, much-anticipated cookie decorating day!
I think it is everyone's favorite (although probably the most work for the resident mommy). And for the first time we didn't have a big ol' pile of frosting and sprinkles teetering on one fragile cookie.  They are growing up!!  Everything was pretty much edible looking! ;o)


Mom said...

Wonderful photos...and special memories!! (Ok, I will publicly admit I am praying for you and the timpani to be reunited!) ;-)

Kathryn said...

Another great week of memories. You're doing a wonderful job for those little people!! Love it.

I'm dying over how cute Jackson looks with that cello and you're right....the cookies look fabulous!

p.s. I believe that timpani is just waiting for you. ;)