Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 1-7

Activity for the day--Get our Christmas tree at "Ye Olde Menard's Tree Farm."
(And no, that is not the tree we settled on!!)
We got it in Lincoln and then drove the three hours back to Arapahoe. After unpacking the van and getting everything back in the house Josh and I didn't have the energy for much else.  So, I snapped a picture of Christmas decorating done PRIOR to our Thanksgiving trip back to Lincoln. ;o)
Activity for the day--The lighting and decorating of the tree.
The kids really go gangbusters when it is time to decorate and each year they get a wee bit better at spacing those ornaments. While a kid-decorated tree is never going to win an award for its composition it does make for the best kind of Christmas memories. ;o)
 Activity for the day--Picnic supper in the living room while watching a cartoon version of "A Christmas Carol."  After a LONG day in Kearney (complete with dentist appointments for everyone but Josh, and me wrestling with a cold . . .) this was about all I had in me once arriving home. ;o)
 Activity for the day--Paint and glitter ceramic star ornaments
Activity for the day--Paint snowman scenes using only cue-tips (and introduce a new vocabulary word: "pointillism") ;o) 
 Activity for the day--Oil pastel ornaments on branches
And yes, a certain middlest child who shall remain nameless boycotted this project . . .
Don't ya love how Owen is spelling his name?? ;o)
 Activity for the day--Family game night with the awesome cocoa and popcorn.
The kids introduced Josh to "Settlers of Catan." At the beginning they were all running circles around him, but if you note that little smirk on his face he caught on quickly and came back for the win (and stole the longest road card from Emmett . . .).  He rather enjoyed himself and we fear we have created a monster (as match #2 took place the next day and he won again . . .).


Kathryn said...

I'm trying to hear the Christmas music being played by Emmett's feet as he decorates the tree. ;)

I bought that game for our family Christmas gift--is it the Jr. version. Makes me want to unwrap it early.

Love all your Christmas activities. Hope Jackson doesn't boycott too many more. :)

Anna said...

Beautiful tree, artwork and decorations! The star ornaments are lovely...hope you guys are having a *GREAT* week!

sarah j. said...

i love all the activities you do with your kids. so much fun. and way to go getting the kids into on Catan at a young age. Nick is very much look forward to the day when our boys will get it. ;)