Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas House 2013

While I love to change things up in my home seasonally and in particular adore fall decorating, Christmas is always going to be my absolute favorite.  I love what we are celebrating, I love that it is cold and we want to cozy up inside, I even love the shorter days (gives me more reason for twinkling lights!). ;o)
There are lots of things I would change about my house if I owned it--painting all that orange woodwork white for one, ripping out the kitchen and bathrooms, finishing the basement so there would be more space for us to spread out . . .   But if you recall this is the house God provided for us, sight unseen, and all-in-all, it has shaped up into a pleasant little home for us.  It is a continuous lesson to me in being content with what God has blessed us with and doing my best to (frugally) make a welcoming place for my bunch.
And so this year we have a lot of old standbys mixed up with some newbies:
The view looking towards the front door.
 Close up of door and the boxwood wreath and the little $10 houndstooth door mat I found at Target.
 Same area, different view.  I hung my smaller boxwood wreaths with burlap ribbon on a few of the inner doors.
 Close up of the small hutch.  It gets relocated at Christmas time, because the tree takes its usual corner.  New to me this year is the beginnings of the Willow Tree nativity I used birthday money for.  They all looked a little stark and lonely in there on the black shelf so I took silver star stickers and made some starry garlands to hang in the shelf as well as stuck some stars to the back.  Middle shelf has the "JOY" letters I hand stitched four or five years ago, and the bottom shelf has some white birch logs from my in-laws' yard.
 The tree that looks pretty much the same as last year--burlap ribbon, pine cones, special ornaments (mostly handmade), my mother-in-law's wash tub that I steal every year, and the sign my dear friend Kathy made me.  
 The Christmas chalkboard--the ribbon across the wreath doesn't show the wording so well, but it says "For unto us" and then the wreath has the verse from Isaiah.  Another blatant copying of someone else's design. ;o) I've got my sugar pine cones and boxwood clipping filling the rustic window box.
 Just another view with the tree in it.
 Our stocking line-up, gallery wall that is slowly filling up, mini tree in a galvanized pail. 
I had plans to make new burlap stockings this year--even got them sewn and lined, but I'm hoping to do something original for each cuff, and well, that won't be happening this month. At least I've got a head start on all eight of them (EIGHT!!). ;o)
The other side of the window, matching tree, "Silent Night" sign I painted a few years back, a grapevine ball and big jingle bell to fill some space.
I made the couch some cute little red houndstooth pillows.  I use to put color all over my walls (dark reds, sage greens, yellows!) but have found as I get older I like a more neutral palette to work with and then I can bring in pops of color whenever it strikes my fancy (because I can be kind of fickle that way . . .).  The covers cost me about $5 each.  When you think of how much a decorative pillow goes for in a store . . . They only take (tops) half an hour to make!
Our "kids corner" with the Christmas book collection, nativity, advent countdown, Jesse Tree cards--we take down a number and in its place hang a picture that goes with the day's devotional.  But, keeping it real, some days we have to do two (or three) to get caught up. ;o)
The big picture.
The dining room hutch--pitchers with boxwood, faux Hobby Lobby garland, sugar pine cones, a few disco ball ornaments.
Up close of the top and my little chalkboard.
 God helping me out on a few windows. ;o)
Candle we like to light at supper time, making meal times just a little more magical.
And that kind of sums up this year's decor.  The kids each have little trees in their rooms and have wrapped their bunk beds in colorful lights.  My room is currently housing Christmas presents and piles of laundry . . . And the kitchen--I had a few little plans for my kitchen, but it didn't happen.  Maybe next year?
Now, if only I could have you all over for tea or cocoa and some tasty treats . . . the house would REALLY be complete. Maybe next year?? ;o) 


Anonymous said...

Oh, it would be delightful to have a cup of tea with you in your cozy home. Love all your special touches to make your home so cheery and bright. Merry Christmas and Winter Blessings, carolyn

Mom said...

Looks wonderful!!! I'd hate for you to see my house. With subbing everyday, I still haven't even taken down the fall stuff. I'll try to have things ready for our family get-together!

Kathryn said...

I *LOVE* it!!! So cozy and welcoming! The touches of nature (pinecones, boxwood, birch logs) are so delightful and your chalkboard art is always *so* great! If I ever get a chalkboard I will have to commission you to do the artwork, because I am quite confident I could not reproduce anything quite as charming. SO VERY LOVELY!!!

Anna said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I am completely in love with your decorating style and all the frosty whites, creams, neutrals and evergreen. And the window crystals--amazing. :) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home. (BTW, you made that orange door look AWESOME.)

sarah j. said...

your house is so pretty and cozy. :)