Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 27-November 2

 Carved ourselves some pumpkins, which for the most part were happy little faces. Marissa (the 2nd one in) claimed hers was a shady Italian merchant, and Isabella's (at the end) was supposed to be a castle from Lord of the Rings.
 Due to the lack of trees actually IN our yard the kids took grocery sacks into the treeline to bring back some leaves in hopes of having a huge jumping pile.  This was probably the biggest it managed to get. ;o)
 Sometimes it feels like all I do is break up fights between this bunch.
And sometimes I find them all reminiscing over our photo albums together.
So, I quickly snap a picture to remember that moment. ;o)
 Admiring the bright yellow.
Saying good-bye to one kitty friend--so happy to have found a good home for her back in Lincoln!
Hedge apples as big as your head!
We were exploring out on one of my dad's farms (he has beaver dams this year!) and we came across these babies!  One of them was seriously the size of a cantaloupe! I've never seen hedge apples that big before!
Owen's busy little feet.


Kathryn said...

Hedgeapples on steroids! WOW!

So happy that sweet little black kitty found a home. Do you know his new name?

Love the Jack-o-Lanterns. Marissa really did manage to capture a shady character while the others just grin so sweet not knowing they're about to be swindled. :)

Anna said...

Great *action* shot of Owen's feet...and I'm loving the pumpkin characters and those gorgeous hedge apples. ...and what a sweet shot of your pile of kids enjoying memories together. ;)