Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 3-9

 Traveled back from Lincoln to find a Lego magazine had been delivered while we were gone--the house was quiet while everyone got inspired.
 The littlest man struggled all week with the "fall back."  He either fell asleep on the couch or was begging to be put to bed by 7:15.  
My mom-in-law sent me back with a garbage sack full of boxwood clippings, and so I got to work!  I've filled all my white pitchers with fresh boxwood, made one large wreath and three smaller ones, and still have enough for maybe another wreath or to do some fresh greenery elsewhere.  I used grapevine wreaths as a base and then the boxwood and some green floral wire.  SO SIMPLE but so very pretty!
 I'm gearing up for some stocking making and got some new stamps to make name tags (bought a pattern from this lady).  Anyway, it was a slow picture day, and I was happy to discover all the letters in "thankful" appear just once. ;o)  Hoping that my attitude can be that--thankful--not just in November, but always.
 Emmett is always sneaking cats in (we officially kicked everyone outside the end of September).  I found him and Oscar all snuggled up in Emmett's bed.  Oscar is one big old baby (he came from the March litter) and a favorite with everyone. Well, I guess I'm kind of neutral.  I don't mind cats outside . . . at the moment I kind of feel like I've had my fill of cats for the rest of my life. ;o)
Fall pretties--found this print free online (but don't remember where . . . so I'm no help there!).
Josh and the kids spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing the garage.  One thing nice about the kids getting older is I am not needed for this project.  I was free to putter about the house, cleaning in quiet, which I think is *almost* like a little vacation. ;o)


Anna said...

Love the pretty Fall poem...and I totally didn't know you could do that with boxwood clippings. Might have to bring some of mine indoors. And I'm feeling your pain with the Fall back. Hope everyone's rested soon. ;)

Kathryn said...

Oscar looks *quite* pleased with this little agreement between himself and Owen. I hope Sky finds a *good* hiding spot while Oscar visits. heehee

How nice to have your helpers working with Josh. Isn't it amazing how a trip to grocery store or cleaning can seem so glorious when done *alone?* :)

Cute wreath---and cute you peeking through it!!