Monday, November 25, 2013

November 17-23

 Another interesting spot for Owen to fall asleep before bedtime--the little guy has been playing hard.
 Kitty snuggles.
 This boy.
I've come to the conclusion he is always going to surprise me. A couple weeks ago I told him I wanted him to read a "real" chapter book--I was kind of thinking along the lines of "Magic Treehouse." Shockingly he jumped on the idea and told me he would read The Hobbit.  And immediately I was, "No, no, that's a little too hard right now--maybe in a few years."  And he was all," Challenge accepted."  And so for the last two weeks now, Jackson has been reading.  He takes the book with him on our long van trips.  He is sprawled out on the floor, draped over the couch.  And this strange sight gives me pause nearly every time (and makes me pull out the camera).  I'm certain there have to be words too hard, but he is plugging along and seems to be getting the story.  This from the boy who I was thrilled was reading "Frog and Toad" this summer!
Wonders truly will never cease.
 Cold weather means the board games have come out in full force.
 The little boy who inserts himself into every possible chore.  Josh is changing a tire (or the oil)? He is there.
Time to chop down what remains of the garden? Let him get his hoe.  I'm peeling carrots?  He. Must. Help.
Josh and I laugh because we have just never had a child so very insistent that he be included in everything that happens around the house.  
Pretty sunrise to start the day.
You can put veggies in a boy's soup but you can't make him eat . . .

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Mom said...

Love all the pictures....and Emmett and I need to have a talk, if you know what I mean!!! :-)