Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 10-16

 Glorious sunset to kick off the week.
 For the first time we attended Arapahoe's Veteran's Day program at the school.  Marissa got to sing in the 5th/6th grade choir and it was so very neat to see all the people who came in uniform and stand up when their branch of service was announced.  
 Owen and Daddy playing Josh is a cave.  Josh appreciates the games that require little effort after a long day at school. ;o)
 Getting the chinchilla out for some cuddles.
 Battleship . . . which may or may not end in fisticuffs and pieces scattered all over the floor.
These little men of mine and the competitive natures they have--learning sportsmanship is such a long process.
 My mom's raisin bread recipe, timed just right to come out of the oven after the kids had gone to bed so Josh and I could enjoy about half a loaf with no interference. Smeared in butter of course. ;o)
And taking advantage of the good weather to get the Christmas lights hung--with lots and lots of help!


Kathryn said...

Your bread looks so yummy. Very smart and strategic timing on the baking.....and....the Christmas lights, since today it's been FRIGID!!

Someday you just need to do a post with a bazillion pictures of Isabella and her delightful freckles!! LOVE em!

And I totally understand where you're at with the sportsmanship training. It's an ongoing, daily battle--ahem--learning opportunity around here, too! ;)

Anna said...

Ooh--excellent timing on the Christmas lights. And I'm drooling over that incredible bread (is there anything better than fresh bread & butter?) Love the chinchilla hug and the game time for the boys. Fun week! :)

Mom said...

So glad you are getting use out of the recipe. Wow...I haven't made raisin bread in a long time...maybe I will sometime this winter. Thanks for the reminder! Love the pictures! Always something going on at your home!!