Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 22-28

 In North Platte for church this Sunday, just in time to see the river all swollen from the massive rains that Colorado received.
 Snapping a picture of my girls before bed because I had not taken any pictures all day.
I'm not sure why Marissa is wearing a knight's helmet?
 When we have a bit of time to kill before lessons on Tuesday we usually head over to Cottonmill Park (Kearney).  Sometimes the mini donkey and mini horse are out and the kids feed them grass.  Sometimes they irritate the peacock (Emmett).  If nothing else, there is a playground. ;o)
 After removing the summer plants (which met rather unfortunate, neglectful deaths) the cats have found a new place to cuddle.  I was hoping to find some ornamental cabbage at Walmart again to plant for the fall, but didn't see any this year.  I guess the cats will have to do.
 Kitty cuddling with Bella.
 Told Owen I needed a picture of his pretty blue eyes.
A super fun afternoon for Marissa and her friend Sierra celebrating their upcoming October birthdays.
Neither of these girls are what you would describe as "girly girls" and so our afternoon included a nature walk at Pioneers Park, playing at the playground, games like potato sack and three-legged races, a scavenger hunt, and roasting our own hot dogs and s'mores on a bonfire.  It was just a beautiful fall day and I think all the kids had a blast.


Anna said...

I agree--the pretty blue eye picgture was a "must." Love the ornamental kitties and the fun bday party! *WOW* on that river...

SO GLAD we got to see you this last weekend!! :)

Kathryn said...

You ended up having such a great night for the party! What fun! Hope the girls enjoyed it (I'm sure they did!) And I'm not even sure that you need an actual reason to wear a knight's helmet. :)