Monday, October 14, 2013

October 6-12

The board games reappeared this week.  Sometimes set up to play and sometimes just because it is fun to line up little plastic army men in perfect rows.
 The last one left at the table--this little guy must have been growing this past week, because he just kept eating and eating, even after everyone else had moved onto other evening activities.
 Watching Daddy send bottle rockets off into space.  
And I mean actual "rockets" made from plastic bottles--it's an activity he does with his classes each year, they construct/decorate a plastic pop bottle and then they attach one end to an air compressor hose.  There is some sort of ripcord and the bottle flies up in the air.  I'm sure they do something mathy/sciencey with the results.  Honestly, it all seems a bit too "fun" to me. ;o)
Kitten cuddles before heading off to Cubbies.
 Help mixing up some pumpkin pancakes.  We are slowly making our way through "recipes we must eat in October."
 Kittens.  They keep growing and we are earnestly looking for new homes.  They are so very cute, but I would rather our home just have children under foot. And the hedge hog and chinchilla (though truth be told, I could do without them as well . . .).  Humans are enough. ;o)
Lovely morning glories!  It took them until October to look this impressive, but they have completely enveloped the shepherd's hook from which our bird feeder hangs from.  But I know a freeze is coming soon--I'm enjoying them while I can!


Mom said...

Love ALL the photos! That one of Owen with those eyes... wonderful!

Anna said...

*LOVE* the sweet shot of hungry Owen...and the hungry kitties. ;) Bottle rockets sound like fun. And those morning glories ARE glorious! :)