Monday, October 21, 2013

October 13-19

 Owen spent the whole Sunday sermon working through this little "how to draw" book. Marissa got it shortly after she turned four and it never fails to continue to be a hit for the little crowd.  
 Lots of rain!  Probably the most we've personally witnessed since moving out here (not to say Arapahoe never has rain, but it seems when a storm does come through we're gone for the weekend or something).
 A little reading buddy.

 First frost.
 All of my mums are looking pretty.
 I took Marissa around Grandpa/Grandma's to get some 12 year pictures of her--shoes were too much of a hassle in spite of the fact it was kind of chilly.
The big birthday surprise (and maybe a bit of Christmas surprise too . . .). ;o)
We don't plan on there being in guitar lessons in the near future, this is just more of a "teach yourself" kind of endeavor.  We think it is an excellent way to spend free time though. ;o)


Kathryn said...

I think we have that same drawing book. I love those---I can actually draw something that looks like it's supposed to when I follow those step by steps. :)

There you go.....taunting me with "Book Kitty" again!!

LOVE that pic of the frosty flower.

It will be fun to see how Marissa does with her new guitar. I think she might have enough determination to teach herself a thing or two. ;)

Anna said...

Guitar sounds fun! I hear there are great how-to vid's on You-Tb. The frosty pink flower is GORGEOUS, as are your colorful pics. :)