Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy 12th Marissa Grace!

To you on your 12th birthday:
A few nights ago we drove into Lincoln, past the children's zoo, and your daddy and I remembered a "Boo at the Zoo", where we took two of the most adorable little blonde ladybugs.  That memory is so vivid and it feels like it was a few weeks ago.  But instead, it was nine years ago.  We can't help but wonder over and over, where does the time go?

It is a strange thing to watch your first baby girl turn into a young lady right before your eyes.
So very, very bittersweet.
But what I want you to know most all of right now is that you bring crazy joy to our lives.
Your smile, your willingness to help, your desire to "get it right," your work ethic when it comes to new challenges, that crazy brain of yours with a memory that must might be photographic--all these things make you into the amazing young woman we see blossoming in front of us.  I love having conversations with you, I love your teachable heart, your thirst for more and more and more knowledge, and your witty sense of humor.  I love that in spite of the fact your world is expanding you still have such respect for your daddy and me.  You love to talk things out and get our opinions.  You want to do it right.  And I hope and pray with all my heart you won't lose that as we head into those "tumultuous teenage years."
You are a pretty special and amazing girl.
We are blessed to call you "ours."
But ultimately we know you are God's and we know He has great plans for you.
We pray you continue to grow and thrive and thirst for Him.  May He always ground you and be your compass in this crazy world.
May you always know how very much we love you.
Happy, happy day sweet girl.


Mom said...

Happy birthday, Rissy! (Can you still be called that or are you getting too old?) Papa Roy and I love you! Those are beautiful photos.

Kathryn said...

Sweet girl, indeed! Happy birthday to Marissa......and you, too! :)

Anna said...

Oh, I'm feeling a little weepy reading this...beautiful words to your beautiful daughter. She is a sweet thing. Hope the birthday was special! :)