Monday, September 16, 2013

September 8-14

 A little snacky supper of popcorn, apples, and peaches while we tuned into the Hills' "Welcome Back Concert" (our 3rd year of missing it . . .). Popcorn counts as a main course, right? ;o) This time of year is still kind of hard for me, when I see everything starting back up again, but it has gotten easier.
 Jackson discovers the cello will vibrate his face if he does this.
Boys are so very different from girls.
 This almost deserves its very own post, but after almost 10 years of making the same couch work I have a new sofa!!! Back in June we celebrated our 13th anniversary and Josh completely surprised me by informing me I could finally have a new couch. When we came back for VBS in July we made an Omaha Zoo/Nebraska Furniture Mart trip, where I picked out a Broyhill sofa, chose the fabrics I wanted, the legs, etc.  And then I waited for the free delivery date they gave me--September 10th (yeah, NFM comes out here once a month!).  During that time I agonized over my choices.  They didn't actually have a model of this couch in the store, so I never sat on it or saw it in person.  And I thought I had picked fabrics I would like (a soft gray herringbone with darker gray pillows), but what if I got the couch and hated it?  In the end, it was love at first sight. I was so happy to see how everything came together.  (We also got the furniture protection plan--you live, you learn--and some things are just worth the extra $$). ;o)  Yes, I'm kind of watching my children like a hawk right now (possibly screeching "Don't touch it!!") but I'm sure I'll relax a bit in the coming months . . .
 Rain--always a celebratory event here!
 Bedtime routine.
Sometimes I wonder how much longer will all my children like to gather in the evening to pray together and sing our lullaby?  Will it slowly phase out with my big kids in the next few years or will they always like this routine?  I'm hanging on to these moments while they last.
 After figuring out there is no way I can do Emmett's schooling while I'm trying to do the other three we have fallen into a good routine of him and I sitting down to work together around noon.  When Josh comes home for lunch at 12:30 he usually finds Emmett still working on his stuff.  We both get a kick out of hearing Emmett giggle to himself over the pictures he creates (like this one of fire-breathing snakes).
After hearing rumors of a hole being dug, discovering blueprints for a tunnel system, and finding my garden spades and hoes and the post hole digger disappearing, I thought I'd better see what the kids were up to.
Or down to.
Miners they will be.


Anna said...

Oh the couch is *GORGEOUS*, beautiful. I'm loving the run in the rain...and I'm LOL at what your kids are 'down to.' ...a tunnel system sounds fun! ;)

Kathryn said...

I almost squealed when I saw that sofa. Love, love, LOVE, LovE, LOvE it!! So happy for you.

Yes, popcorn is a full meal. Hey-you did have some fruit, too so it's all good.

sarah j. said...

the couch is beautiful! so pretty! and yes, popcorn counts as a main course. ;)