Monday, September 23, 2013

September 15-21

 A "leisurely" afternoon of my boys watching baseball.  Owen can only sit still for so long . . .
(thank goodness they have a daddy to do these kind of things to, because if someone took a flying leap at me I would probably be crippled for the remainder of the week)
 The kittens began to stumble around on wobbly legs and venture out from under the girls' bed.
 My tomatoes are just now starting to really produce.  I had to transplant them in July after realizing the original spot just wasn't working.  They flourished after being moved, but are kind of behind.
 We found this little hat on clearance for $4 and knew Owen just *had* to have it.
 The Garfield books have made a reappearance.  Josh also finds Garfield mighty funny.
 Arapahoe cross-country meet.  Josh once again got the esteemed privilege of being the golf-cart driver. 
Slow picture day, but I did make some cookies. ;o)


Anna said...

The cookies look delicious! Love the pretty tomato and the ACTIVE boy shots. :)

Kathryn said...

*WHAT* is Owen doing to your new couch???!!!! Have him take lessons from his sister's in Sept 19th's picture. ;)