Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 1-7

 A bit of graffiti found on the side of the front stoop. {Bella}
 Labor Day proved to be a good day to get our new ice cream maker fired up.  
I've yet to meet a bowl of homemade ice cream I don't like. ;o)
 We call Isabella "The Cat Whisperer."  The cats flock to her.  
That is Oscar one of our older kittens from the spring who did not find a home.  We also have Shadow, the black one.  They mostly live in the tree line to the north of us or in our garage.  Thankfully, they are both males.   On a brighter note, my garden had no rabbit issues--cats are good for something!!
 Technically this little guy has two years until kindergarten, so we aren't doing any sort of "formal learning." (Not so much because I think preschool is silly--with Marissa I was all over it--but you know what you are able to accomplish with your 5th child is a bit different than the lofty goals you set for your 1st).   But he really WANTS to do school and after two boys who DID NOT WANT to do school, who am I to discourage?  And boy can he handle a scissors!! (which really shouldn't come as a surprise after all that practice on his hair last fall) ;o)
 A quick little photo session with our new kittens.  I think we have in order:
boy, girl, girl, girl
(and I really like that white one . . .)
 Asters are blooming!
So the temps this day briefly danced around 106 degrees.
Arapahoe lost power citywide. (and I use the term "city" loosely)
Of course we would be in the block that was without power a full five hours.
(NOT that I was counting or anything).
We hung out in the basement, Josh and I doing a lot of much needed organizing.  We grilled burgers.
We bathed by candlelight.  And then just when we opened up the house because it was 84 inside and 86 outside and we thought maybe we could at least get the air moving? The power came back on.  YAY!!!


Anna said...

Oh boo for the power outage during summer! Sounds like you make the best of it. :) Love the pretty asters, fluffy kitties and the fun preschooling!

...and my 2 girls would *LOVE* the graffiti. ;)

Kathryn said...

Homemade ice cream is the best--especially when summer refuses to leave and it's still in the 90s!! TIME FOR SOME PUMPKIN BAKING ALREADY---BRING ON THE FALL TEMPS!!

Could it be that Mr. Sept 3rd is responsible for those adorable babies in Sept 5th? ;)