Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 25-31

 It was supposed to be the last day the pool was open, hence I took my camera to record some tricks. Isabella can do a mean cartwheel off the board, and Marissa stops my heart nearly every time she does a back flip.  Jackson decided this summer that boards were okay--although a rather pink belly will confirm it has been slapped upon the water a few times. ;o)  Due to the warm weather and some extra pool chemicals to get rid of they were open three more times.
 Okra--I grew up eating it, but this is my first time growing it.  Pretty much my whole family loves it, breaded in cornmeal and fried with onions in some butter.  The okra is going crazy right now, pretty much enough for a meal every 2nd or 3rd day!
 Having survived a few summer pregnancies I really feel for our poor mama cat.
(and yeah, we meant to have her fixed after she was done weaning the last kittens, and then well, summer happened and we forgot . . . oops) ;o)
 Baseball on the tv, playing catch in the house (even though I thought I had outlawed that??).  My boys like their baseball. 
 The evening of the 28th we could tell that it "was time."  And because I really didn't want my house over-run by crazy kittens again, we locked Sky in the garage, hoping she'd make herself cozy.  Well, that stubborn cat held them in all night and then rushed in the morning of the 29th (when I went out to check on her), had one stillborn kitten by the front door and then made herself comfortable under the girls' bed having four more.
I love that little white one with the dark ears and spot on the back.  So yes, more free kittens!  Let me know!!! ;o)
 Owen wanted to go with Bella to get the mail, and I had to get a picture when I saw them walking down the driveway holding hands.  Big sissies are the best. 
While all the kids enjoy gardening to some degree, nobody likes it quite as much as Jackson.  He likes to check on plants first thing in  the morning and will take it upon himself to make sure they get harvested (more of the prolific okra!).  Sometimes he gets a bit overzealous and harvests veggies when they are not quite ready . . . ;o)


Anna said...

Love your little Farmer Jackson--what a bountiful harvest! ..and equally fruitful batch of kittens. :) They're so sweet. And hilarious baseball photo...gotta love those 'forgotten' mandates. Hugs to your bunch! Praying for your homeschool with the VERY full classroom! :)

Kathryn said...

My oldest learned to do a back flip off the board this summer too. Ack! I *LOVE* your chalkboard art on the piano---you're just willing fall to come, aren't you?! ;) That chalkboard has been such a lovely way for you to display your artistic flair!