Monday, August 19, 2013

Vacation~Days 5-8~Going Home

 The beginning of the end. ;o)
We had to take highway 299 across California, while not as curvy and as adventurous as the way to we took to get out to the coast Josh didn't want to take anymore chances with smoking brakes.  We took it easy and he put the van in a lower gear when the incline got steep.  In retrospect we wonder if that is what caused our transmission to go.  None-the-less the drive was gorgeous--sun rising over the mountains, fog lifting off the ocean.  The "misty mountains" those hobbits were singing about . . . absolutely lovely. ;o)
 And then our little situation in Nevada.   (end of day 5)
Day 6--was spent figuring out how to get out of Nevada and then driving our micro mini-machine to Salt Lake City.
 Day 7 we repacked everything into our rental van, a 2013 Town & Country.  We admired the automatic doors, the double DVD player, and enjoyed listening to the 80's station on the Sirius radio.
And then we drove to Denver.
 We were an inning or two late, but we got the boys to the game, and then last minute scored some super cheap tickets for the girls and I.  The original plan was for us girls to hang out at the hotel, however, if Josh had dropped us off they would have missed most of the game.  We determined we could "take one for the team." ;o)
 And actually it wasn't so bad.  We sat a little bit high for my liking, but you know as long as I didn't move or look down, I was okay . . . ;o)  And surprisingly, baseball has grown on me a bit.  It did rain and we did get wet, but all in all I had a good time.  We left after the 7th inning stretch though--Jackson had gotten a really bad head ache, and if that boy is begging to leave a baseball game you know he doesn't feel good.
The hubby and I with Denver behind us.
And then, Day 8, we drove home, spent half an hour doing a van emptying, and then sent Josh on his way to Lincoln so he could return the rental by 6:00 p.m. and drive back the blue van that we had left at his parents. He made it!  We desperately didn't want to pay for one more day of rental!!
So, in the end, one asks oneself, was it worth it?
The van rental sent us way {way} over our vacation budget.  And to be honest both Josh and I are still a bit sad to have lost our black van.  It had our best tires on it, Josh had just recently replaced the motors for the windows in the doors . . . It was a good little van.  But it's hard to feel regretful when we think about the places we got to see and the memories we made with our kids.  Yeah, I wish we could have not dealt with the whole lose the transmission thing.  But I have a special memory of when I was a kid and a similar thing happened to my parents.  They lost their transmission in Colorado, and my quick thinking Dad rented a U-Haul with a trailer and my parents, 3 siblings, and I  crammed in the cab and we pulled that station wagon home.  I'm quite certain my five kids will never forget being shoved into the back seat of that Yares together. ;o)  All's well that ends well.
I think this little quote sums it up nicely:
An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered. - G. K. Chesterton
What an adventurous life I  have led!! ;o)


Kari M. said...

Love the pic of just you and your hubby! and your quote at the end. It sounds just like how I imagine you view lots of events in your life! With The Lord at your side and a good attitude. Looks like a fun trip!

Anna said...

Love the quote and the cute couples shot...and those smokey mountains are breathtaking! I agree--what a fun and ADVENTUROUS vacay for you all! :)