Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation~Days 1&2~The Traveling Days

Day One
We left Arapahoe at 6:15 and put in about 11 hours of driving:
Through Wyoming where we stopped at a rest stop for a lunch time picnic 
 And then into Utah where the scenery got a little bit more interesting
 That night we stayed in Salt Lake City.  As always to save on expenses I did a lot of food prep, so we ate a meal in our room, swam in the pool and got to bed.
Day Two
 We got a glimpse of the Great Salt Lake the next morning, but nothing to really do it justice.  Our original plan was to check it out on the way back.  We did however stop and see the salt flats which is a really interesting area, utterly flat and COVERED in thick salt.  Emmett had to test it--yep, definitely salty. ;o)
What you might not know is cars like to race here.  I guess there is a 9 mile stretch of perfectly flat and straight salty "road." Josh actually got to talk to somebody at a gas station during his night of trips between Elko and Salt Lake City.  That day they had held races and a car got up to over 400 miles per hour!  Apparently the record is over 700 miles per hour though (with some sort of jet powered car . . .).  I guess it takes a few miles for the cars to reach top speed, then they have about a mile in there to get their best time and then they have a few miles to slow down.  Anyway, we all found this quite interesting.
And then we drove through Nevada.  This was a really long and dull stretch of road--so very dry and colorless.  Once we hit Susanville, CA the landscape started to get really pretty.  We drove through lots of pines and I made Josh stop when I saw my beloved {gigantic} sugar pine cones just laying around, free for the taking.  We brought nine home with us (and Josh may or may not have patches of missing arm hair where I had to snip the pine sap from him . . .). After about another 11 hours of travel we stopped for the night in Red Bluff.  The kids were excited to catch their first glimpses of palm trees.  Again we heated up a supper in our room and got ready for the adventure tomorrow--seeing our first redwoods.
Josh and I were absolutely amazed at how well the kids traveled these two days.  We don't have dvd players in our van or really any sort of "gaming" to keep them busy and yet they were almost perfect--that was definitely a huge blessing.  We always approach our vacations like a huge adventure, so the anticipation I think is nearly as fun as the actual activities. ;o)

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