Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vacation~Day 4~Moonstone Beach

 We arrived at the beach in the morning hoping to discover some treasures the sea had left behind.  It was a cool and foggy morning and a "surf camp" was going on--bunches of kids with their surf boards and wetsuits were gathered up and stretching.  Can you imagine sending your kid to surf camp??  I couldn't. 
 The sand was more of a gray/black color--different than any other beach I have been on.
 OCEAN!! Now all but Owen have seen both the Atlantic and Pacific.
 We found a bunch of sand dollars.
 The water was COLD but that was little deterrent.
 We found several (dead) crabs.
 Probably one of my most favorite pictures taken of Marissa--in spite of the fact we told them to *try* not to get wet (because we were supposed to head straight from the beach for more redwood hiking) this girl was completely soaked.  I love her joy and zest for life!
 Josh channeling his inner Indiana Jones with some sort of root-ish thing from the sea.
 Rock climbing!
 Big purple starfish petting!
 Sea cave exploring!
 I loved the colors and textures.
Dunked in the ocean and rolled in the sand . . . ;o)
A morning well-spent!  I've been to the ocean a few times--off of Massachusetts and Connecticut, off of Florida and Nassau, and Santa Monica Pier in California.  But NEVER have I seen so much awesome sea life!  Usually I find a couple shells and that is about it.  We could have spent all day exploring.  However, as you can see, the kids got wet and sandy so we had to go back to the hotel (and to Target for some because I only packed one pair of jeans) for a change of clothes before we could head up to Redwood National Park.  


Natalie said...

I would LOVE to go here! That starfish is amazing and it looks like your kids were loving it on the beach!

Anna said...

WOW! This looks like fun...Marissa looks just like the Karate Kid pose. And with Josh being Indiana Jones and Owen--perhaps a crispy breaded shrimp? You guys got some *GREAT* adventures in! :)