Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vacation~Day 4~Lady Bird Johnson Grove/Trinidad

 Our final stop at Redwood National Park was in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, an easy hiking trail filled with big trees.  The highlight was finding our first banana slug--we had been looking for one everywhere and this little fellow was actually hanging out by the trashcan near the parking lot.  The kids took him into the forest with us to find a spot to let him go. ;o)

 (after two days of keeping up with the big kids Owen's legs are finally "tired")
 After our busy hiking day we headed to a little restaurant in Trinidad called "Seascapes" located right on the coast.  One of the things we always try to do on vacation is create a "food memory" to associate with the trip.  You can eat McDonald's anywhere, but if you're on the ocean wouldn't you rather have some good fish?? ;o)  This restaurant was just a quaint little place, HUGE $4 kids meals of fish and chips (all except Emmett who insisted upon a corn dog . . .).  And I had an awesome bowl of clam chowder.  They have binoculars at the table so you can spot sea life--supposedly sea lions are often visible here, but we didn't see any.  Even Josh who isn't a huge fish fan declared it delicious (mainly because it didn't taste at all "fishy").

 (a jellyfish!)

 Josh wondering if this starfish is dead so he could take it home with him.

 Marissa informing her father that no, the starfish is still alive, you must leave it here.
And hydrangeas as big as your house!
Seriously, I was shocked to see the size of the hydrangeas on the coast.  I'm assuming because the temps range from 40-80 degrees they just keep growing and growing . . .
Hydrangea envy. ;o)


Anna said...

That IS some hydrangea! ..and all that sea life is so amazing. Didn't know there was a banana slug. I especially the angle you captured of Marissa climbing the T.A.L.L. tree. :)

Kathryn said...

Just did some catchup on your blog. The vacay looks *amazing* Love all the pictures--and makes me want to see those trees *all the more!!*

Natalie said...

Loving all the vacation pictures. I really want to go there!