Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vacation~Day 4~Fern Canyon

 After Moonstone Beach we headed north to Redwood National Park--home of the biggest elk, the Roosevelt Elk.  Our first experience was to hike Fern Canyon, where scenes from Jurassic Park II were filmed.
 Really, we didn't know what to expect, but in the end Josh claims this was his favorite place we explored.
 Pictures don't really do it justice, but basically you walked through the bottom of a canyon, 50 foot walls on either side of you, COVERED in ferns.  It really felt like entering a whole different world, like stepping back in time.  It was easy to imagine dinosaurs roaming around. ;o)

 Oh my climbing children--they were in utter heaven!
 A little stream trickled through the whole bottom area.  I've seen pictures of when the whole area was filled with flowing water, but that was not the case for us.  The stream was winding through and some places you could step over easier, others you might use a little log, or strategically placed board to get over the water.  A highlight for the kids (and well, Josh too . . .) was bouncing over every board they came to. ;o)
 Phew!  Dodged a bullet there! ;o)
 After making our way through the canyon we came to stairs taking us up to the forest floor.  
 Owen and his ninja moves.
 Trees so big they had caves at the bottom.
We loved to pause every so often and be quiet and just listen. It was so still, except for trickling water sounds and distant ocean.
 Descending upon a stranger for a family picture. ;o)
And winding our way back through.

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Anna said...

GORGEOUS! Looks so serene...I'm making mental notes for when we might (hopefully) take our kids that direction some day. Love your shots! :)