Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation~Day 3~The Scenic Route/Smoking Brakes/Humboldt State Park

 We began Day 3 with a super yummy Denny's breakfast and then started our journey to get to Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  We had no idea how tricky this endeavor would prove to be.  Being from Nebraska I can sometimes take for granted that everything isn't straight and flat.  It is never a good sign when the Garmin looks like a two year old had a purple marker and scribbled all over it . . .
Let's just say it was horrendous.  Lots of climbing, lots of descents, lots of curves, lots of construction waits.  And then there is me and my fear of falling off mountains.  It is possible Josh and I had a hard time agreeing on a comfortable pace, particularly when I found anything over 5 mph too fast.  After hours (HOURS!!) of trying to maneuver our way over California Josh noticed a bit of brake "sponginess."  He immediately pulled over and we observed the smoke pouring from our brakes.  YIKES!!
We let them cool for a good hour, had a little mountain-side picnic, and then resumed our trek to Humboldt.
My memory is already a tad fuzzy as to how long this ordeal took us.  We had thought it would be around 2 1/2 hours . . . in the end it may have been five or six.  But, when suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by THE TREES??
Oh my.
I wish I had recorded the kids' reactions, our reactions--the glee, the joy--it was like stumbling upon a buried treasure.  We were so excited.
And the trees?
They did not disappoint.

 (this is a fallen tree, hollowed out in the center and the kids went through the tree tunnel!)
 (huge clovers!)

 (Marissa said it was like a playground for big kids)

(coughing over the $6 to drive through a tree--the black van's last hurrah . . .)
It was all kinds of amazing.  The kids loved it.  Josh and I loved it.  They were just running all over the place, climbing, jumping, giddy.  Awestruck.  Our one regret is that we were unable to camp this vacation.  With everything we had to take with us for the trip there just wasn't room for a tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, etc . . .  But if we could do it again we would definitely try to camp for a night or two.  There is just nothing like these forests--it might just be the most amazing place I've ever visited.  


Natalie said...

So cool! Nice of you to let your van go out in style. ;)

Anna said...

Ooh--Utah looks beautiful. And I have to agree on the Redwoods--AMAZING! Love all your shots and the cool trees/roots your kids were able to explore. And I remember being struck by those same giant clovers. And giant ferns. It seemed a Goliath-proportioned forest. Lovely photos!