Monday, August 5, 2013

July 28-August 3

 The south side of the house--volunteer sunflowers from what I had planted last year, hollyhocks getting started (they're still kind of short, so you can't see them), and a wide array of zinnias.  I've struggled to keep the weedy grasses at bay, but it still provides my yard with a boost of happiness.
 Sunday night I received a call from my parents that they were coming to see me the next day and my dad suggested I have a lemonade stand waiting for him.  And so we did. ;o)
Sent my parents onto Colorado for a little vacation for the two of them.  They spent the night at "The Lodge"--which is a very nice (new-ish) little hotel for our small town.  Its main purpose it to house hunters for the variety of hunting parties scheduled in the area--hence it is decorated in lots of stuffed (real!!) animals.  But both Josh's parents and mine have enjoyed their stays.
 This year Emmett wanted to grow green zinnias, and so these are "Emmett's flowers."  
I came into his room to find a little zinnia in a glass jar on his desk (note all the marker colors that have wandered off the paper!).    Emmett can be somewhat feisty and he can struggle with his temper.  But--
Even a busy little six year old boy who doesn't always obey like his mama wishes can see and appreciate beauty and put it on his desk to admire.  Initially I thought I would take a picture and focus in on the zinnia and make all the marker colors on the desk go away.  And then I thought better of it--this is mothering!  A bit of beauty sometimes bordered in a bunch of bedlam.  I'm trying to appreciate both sides.
 My girls got the joy of having some friends from Lincoln spend two nights with us--hence a living room full of ladies!
 A lot of time was spent  in the "forest" (technically it is a tree line separating our yard from a corn field).
They were even making a movie out there . . .
Saturday we had to send our guests home and the girls were quite bummed.
But do you know what made up for it??
The daddy who had been gone for FOUR SOLID WEEKS came home!!
I haven't really mentioned it on my blog just in case any killers happened to be reading and thought it would be the perfect chance to show up at my house, but Josh has been back in Lincoln for pretty much all of July serving on a detasseling crew and living with his parents.  While we started out in Lincoln with him (VBS week) and visited one other time, mostly I've been single parenting this whole time.  It went pretty well, but last week I was kind of "Enough with the tassels corn!" Happy days are here again. ;o)


Kathryn said...

Look at Jackson's face while serving Papa Roy at the lemonade stand....or is Papa Roy getting ready to pay? (: ....regardless, that is a GREAT capture of his excitement!!

Loved the picture of your girlies and their sweet friends--what fun memories they all will have of their time in the "forest"

Glad Josh is home again--I actually got a bit teary seeing the pictures of your girls hugging him. A girl's love for her Daddy is a wonderful thing!

Anna said...

Hooray! Welcome home, Josh! Love the floral pretties, and that great Gramma & Papa shot with your front yard flowers flanking the sidewalk. The the girly sleepover sounds like fun! Enjoy your family bonding time~

sarah j. said...

love the green flower on the desk and your words about it. i often feel the same way while raising my 2 little boys. :)

Natalie said...

So glad you let the stray coloring marks show. Very sweet. Enjoyed all the pics!