Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 18-24

 Finishing up the planning for week one . . . upgrading Jackson to his own clipboard this year.  I have a feeling he will relish crossing things off. ;o)
 Moments that give me pause--five children gathered around a table.  Our first day went smoothly, and while I'd like to pat myself on the back, the truth is I'm still spinning (that merry-go-round and all).  I've learned to COVER (and insulate, buoy, brace up . . .) these days with prayer.  It really is the only way.
 Cool pink-colored moon (camera kind of caught it, but really it was PINK!).
 My Owen.  An artist is he.
 Marissa minutes before sending her off to her first public school class--art.
So, I don't know if you all have caught my shock and awe over the last year, but Marissa is growing up on us.  It was like one day she was a little girl and the next it was like "WOAAAA!!"  We decided to let her do art and choir this year (choir is mon/tues/fri and art wed/thurs).  Arapahoe is being kind and letting Marissa miss Tuesday because she has violin lessons.  It is our way of dabbling in preparation for some day we will send her off all day.  She loved it and I am happy for her to get some new experiences.  
 My boy and his baseball cake.  We all are familiar with my ineptness when it comes to cake decorating, but this one came together okay. ;o)
A sphinx moth (or hummingbird moth--they really look like hummingbirds!).
Maybe you've had a tomato hornworm munching away at your tomato plants and you were like "DEATH TO TOMATO HORNWORMS!"  What you might now have realized is those big juicy hornworms with their voracious appetites become these cute little sphinx moths that trick you into thinking you are being visited by hummingbirds.  And now my nature lesson is over. ;o)


Kathryn said...

Tomato Hornworms have not been redeemed, but I might hate them just a *little* bit less after your nature lesson! :)

Jackson looks quite proud of his cake and so grown up with those permanent front teeth.

The start of the school year is always a bit of a thrill with fresh pens and pencils and checklists. I implemented a similar plan for the boys a few years ago where they check off things that they get done. They love it and it helps me to remember who still needs to do what and no one gets away with skipping math(not that *that* has ever happened. ahem.)

Anna said...

I am melting over that adorable birthday boy (and the super cool warmly-lit shot with that AWESOME birthday cake!) --and !!! --the blue legs! Praying for your beautiful bunch and you starting this BIG homeschool year. And love the shot of your oldest pretty (I agree--so grown-up!) Sending hugs your way, Deary~