Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 11-17

 I know, there are all kinds of violations happening in this picture.  Truly, I cringe.  But it was kind of our only option and I'm still praising God He got us out of Elko--even if it was a bit unconventional.
 Enjoying our rainy baseball game.
 Admiring all of our vacation treasures:
sugar pine cones, sand dollars, shells, rocks, redwood sticks, and salt (from Utah)
 What do you get when you cross a cucumber with a tomato?
A cucato!! (or a tomacumber??)
At least I'm thinking that is what happened, I've heard tomatoes and cucumbers can cross-pollinate--any expert gardeners have any other explanation?
 Graceful cosmos.
 The butterflies are out in full force--first swallowtail sighting (my favorite!!).
Josh brought back a whole bunch of tomatoes from his mom (mine are a bit behind), and we decided it had been a long time since we had BLTs.  We were uncertain as to how much bacon a family of seven would need and so I spent over an hour cooking four packages of bacon.  Turns out two packages would have probably been sufficient.  Now we know. ;o)  (But we enjoyed a 2nd meal of BLTs thanks to the bacon surplus!)

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Anna said...

*GORGEOUS* close-up of the cosmo--WOW! I am chuckling at Owen's worried look in the back seat of that car.

...and LOL--tomacumber! (Totally didn't know that could happen..)